Ciara and Conor

How We Met

We met Freshman year of high school and we were best friends throughout. We started dating end of Senior year.

how they asked

Conor knew it would be almost impossible to surprise me. So he had trouble planning out the perfect proposal far in advance without me catching on. Instead, he woke up on the most beautiful sunny fall day and decided “today I’m going to propose”. It was a Wednesday, and I had been at work all day. I called him on my way home from work (as usual) and the entire time we were on the phone I had NO IDEA he was waiting for me in my backyard. When I opened the door to my house I was greeted with a path made of string lights leading me to the backyard and the soft sounds of Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”. It was obvious what was going on at this point but I was so incredibly shocked I couldn’t think clearly. When I got to the end of the path I saw Conor waiting for me, surrounded by string lights that he had hung all over the deck and the back yard. He had a bouquet of my favorite flowers and was pacing nervously. I still didn’t understand what was going on, it wasn’t until I saw the ring that I lost it. It was the real deal – face in hands, tears, a million questions of how he got there and “is this real?”. To sum it up, Conor COMPLETELY surprised me, which is often impossible, and now we are excited for the rest of our lives together!

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