Ciara and Brad

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How We Met

How we met: Brad and I met way back in the third grade when he transferred to the grade school that I was at. I met him through my best friend. She made him feel welcome at the new school and she introduced us. I thought he was so cute so I eventually developed a little school girl crush on the new kid in school. He then told my best friend that he thought I was very cute too and she of course told me. From then on we would go on little dates; ride bikes together, hang out at each others houses and just spent more and more time together.

how they asked

On Friday night, January 29, I felt like an absolute princess. Brad took me on a surprise date that was perfect in so many ways. Our night began when he picked me up from work, he had a driver come pick us up to bring us to our first destination. Our chauffeur took us to the Hancock building to have dinner in the Signature Room (something I’ve been dying to do for forever!!) dinner was SO GOOD with such a BEAUTIFUL view of the city! After dinner we walked out to find our next form of transportation – a carriage ride!! It was the cutest thing and I was so happy the whole ride. After the carriage ride we walked to go ice skating at Maggie Daley. I must admit I was a little hesitant to go ice skating because we were freezing! Haha but I’m so glad I went anyways. After skating for a little bit Brad had told me that he had to “fix his skate” so we pulled off to the side and then my dream came true – he got down on one knee right there on the ice ribbon and asked me to MARRY HIM! I have been glowing ever since. God put Brad in my life in the third grade and he has stolen my heart since. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world!

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