Chyenne and Andrew

Chyenne's Proposal in Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

Andrew and I met almost 4 years ago through Tinder (sorry mom and dad). We actually both had tinder as a joke, when it had first come out, he messaged me first and we decided to meet up at a Starbucks at the university we both went to. It was a terribly cold day and I showed up in my huge winter parka and a big bulky sweater, Andrew showed up in a cool sport jacket and was sporting a beard that definitely wasn’t in his tinder profile picture, but he looked realllly good and I remember wishing I had put a little bit more effort into my outfit haha! We had a great coffee date, laughed a lot and really hit it off! We ended up getting lunches together on our class breaks quite often, leading to us beginning our relationship just after the semester ended.

how they asked

For my birthday, Andrew told me he wanted to take me on a vacation somewhere in November and we booked a trip to Maui, Hawaii for a week. Now a while ago Andrew had told me once that he wanted to propose somewhere out of the country (we live in Canada), so I immediately thought “OMG he wants to propose in Maui”. I got really excited and made sure my sisters knew what ring I liked so they would tell him. Also, there was a sale on at Birks during the month of October, so I was really hoping he’d get on the ball and buy it then. Our trip was coming closer and closer, and he was playing SO dumb about the whole proposing thing. He was saying things like “Oh right, I’ll have to talk to your parents before I propose” or “I’m going to propose at Christmas time”. He did a good job throwing me off and I was pretty sure a proposal wouldn’t happen in Maui.

Still excited for our trip, we got to the island and were having a great time snorkeling and enjoying the sun. We had booked a snorkel excursion close to the end of our week, we got back early from our excursion and decided to dress up that evening and go to a popular restaurant in Lahaina. Before leaving I suggested we get some nice pictures at the beach while the sun was setting. Now this was close to the end of our trip so I was basically convinced he wasn’t going to propose. We start heading down the elevator when Andrew remembered he had forgotten his phone in our hotel room, he has me continue to head down to the beach to scope out a spot while he quickly retrieves his “phone”, which we later find out was actually the ring!!

There was a nice lookout at the water and sunset at our hotel, but it wasn’t on the beach, Andrew insisted we get our picture taken right on the beach. So he starts rushing down to find a spot. Let me also just say that I was starving and wanted to start heading out for dinner. So, I was a little annoyed he was taking so long to find a spot for our picture, plus I was trailing behind trying to keep up in my heels haha.

We FINALLY find a nice spot just off the Kaanapali beach walk, with the sun about to go down, we quickly ask a random man to take our picture. Andrew did not tell him his plan, he just showed him how to use the camera and said “just keep taking pictures, we’ll switch our poses”. So we get a couple cute pictures, and then I thought we were done taking pictures, til Andrew dropped down onto one knee and asked “Chyenne, will you marry me?”, and pulls out my ring I picked out at Birks!! I was absolutely shocked that this was happening, I kept saying “Are you serious? Are you kidding?” a bunch of times until I finally said “Yes!”.

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Andrew had the ring in our house for the last month and a bit, he had taken my parents out for lunch a couple weeks before our vacation to ask for their blessing, and he had somehow snuck the ring in his carry-on bag, and into our hotel safe without my knowledge! He did an amazing job at making this a complete surprise for me, and we can’t wait to get married next winter!

Shout out to the man who took our pictures! He did an amazing job, we never got his name but I am so so thankful he captured this moment!