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“I wanna be your forever
So baby will you be my wife
Now that we know a little a better
We could have a real nice life
Cause I’m what you wanted and your what I need
So let’s meet in between
We’re gonna be the greatest love story this town has ever seen”

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August 25, 2018. The date that I get to marry the love of my life and my best friend. The date that brings an end to seven long years of separation. The date that makes all of the heartache and sacrifice worth it. The date that means we no longer have to say goodbye every weekend. The date that we get to say hello to forever.

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ChyAnna and I have been together for the last seven years and have never lived closer than 45 minutes from each other. Our story starts back in Casper, WY in 2010, the summer before my senior year of high school. Casper is a small enough town that everyone basically knows everyone. I had known who she was because she was good friends with one of my buddies’ girlfriends. The first time we actually met was at a chance run-in at the lake. A few weeks went by and we bumped into each other when me and all my football buddies went to watch a volleyball tournament she was playing in. It wasn’t until a few months after that that we went on our first date. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Like classic high school kids, we went to a movie with our friends. The movie was “Life As We Know It”, which is completely ironic, because little did I know, but life as I knew it was about to change forever.

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In the fall of 2011, I went off to play college basketball at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, WY and Chy still had a year of high school to finish. I didn’t know what to expect, starting this whole long distance relationship, but I was able to come home often enough and the more time I spent with her, the more I couldn’t get enough of that blonde hair and blue eyes. Two years of junior college flew by and before I knew it it was 2013. Chy had started running track at Black Hills State in Spearfish, SD and I transferred to play basketball 45 minutes away at South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City. For one semester, that was as close as we would ever get to living in the same city. Chy then transferred back to Casper College to pursue a nursing degree and I still had two years to finish up my engineering degree.

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I graduated from college in May 2016 with Chy still having a year left in Casper to complete her nursing degree. I had no luck finding a job back home and actually planned on going out to Kentucky to take a job. By the grace of God, two weeks before I left for Kentucky, I was offered an engineering job at an aluminum manufacturing company in Rapid City. The three and half hour drive was still less than ideal, but it was what we had become accustomed to and I knew we could make it through.

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I had planned to pop the question on a ski trip in Winter Park, CO on New Years Eve 2016. We were accompanied by my college roommate Andrew, his wife Kristina, and his sister Madeline and brother-in-law Jameson. The very top of the ski area, called Panoramic Bowl, sits just above 12,000 feet elevation. What better place for such an emotional high. The ring felt like it was burning a hole in my ski jacket all day. Shortly after lunch, we decided to head up to the top of Panoramic. That 5-minute lift ride seemed like it was never going to end. When we got to the top, Andrew asked his mom, who had also joined us, to take pictures of all of the couples. Andrew and Kristina went first, followed by Jameson and Madeline, When it was Chy and my turn, we walked out to the point and when we turned to look at the camera I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring.

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The next 60 seconds were a total blur. I remember Chy looking at me with complete bewilderment. I don’t really remember what was said next. There were tears and there were laughs and most importantly she said yes.

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