Chrystal and Jose

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How We Met

Jose and I went to the same high school and landed in a math class together, we sat next to each other but nothing ever came of it except that I always thought to myself how cute this boy was. Let’s just say that he wasn’t much of a talker. Fast forward to ten years later, three different residential States, and several boyfriends/girlfriends later, I was surprised one day with a message from Jose on a social media platform. I really did not think anything of this except a past acquaintance reaching out to say hello. After a few messages of playing catch up, him being the chef that he is, asked what my favorite cuisine is and if I’d like to go out to dinner with him. I, of course, said yes. We had such a fun night over dinner and drinks but by the end of it all when he was dropping me off at home, my dog decided to run out of my house causing Jose to chase her for several blocks. I remember thinking to myself, “I am never hearing from him again after this”. Boy was I wrong.

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how they asked

Jose knew that one place I always dreamed of visiting is Thailand, so he surprised me with a trip there. I was beyond excited for this trip that it was over my head that he had any intentions of proposing. Half way through our trip, we were staying on an island called Railey that can only be reached by boat. On our last day there, before leaving to our next hotel, we decided to explore the island while incorporating an exercise. The island has a secluded lagoon and a viewpoint of the whole island but in order to get to these hidden gems, we had to rock climb a mountain. After twenty minutes of rock climbing, we had finally made it to our first stop which is the viewpoint. The view was definitely worth the exhaustion, sweat and dangerous climb. As I’m setting up our camera to take a self-timer photo of us, he called out to me and when I turned around, to my surprise, there he was on one knee with the box in his hand. I was in utter shock at what was happening that I just kept asking what he was doing and what was in his hand (nearly ruined the moment). The moment was perfect to me because it was just us two on the top of that mountain, it was our moment. After I said yes, he shared three videos with me of my mom, brother, and cousins congratulating us. Little did I know, what was just a morning of exploring turned into an unforgettable memory. The proposal was more than I could have ever asked for and it perfectly describes us and our relationship that is revolved around love, ventures and traveling.

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