Chrystal and Benoit

How We Met: Ben and I met our Junior year in High School.  He transferred in from another school and soon became a great friend.  He can describe the moment he first saw me and what I was wearing on that day. We even went as friends to our Homecoming that year. He was extremely shy around me but we had a great time.


how they asked: We lost touch for years after leaving high school but found each other again six years ago and have been almost inseparable since.  Ben has been extremely patient with me, waiting for years to marry me because I wasn’t quite ready to be married again after having left a bad marriage. He has been my rock and my shoulder to cry on.  On his birthday, April 20, 2015 I let him know that if he would like to ask me to marry him I would definitely say “yes.”

On April 26, 2015 we were sitting in church when he said he needed to leave because he had a call to go to work. He returned before the service was over (he had actually went home to get the ring). In front of our church family and he dropped down on one knee and asked me, “In God presence and before our family and friends, will you please marry me?”