Chrysanne and Zachary

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How We Met

I met Zak in the fall of 2014. I had a rough week at school and felt like I needed to get away. One of my housemates told me she was heading up to her friend’s school for the weekend to visit so I asked if I could come. Little did I know that this weekend would change my life forever. We showed up at her friend’s and I was introduced to everyone – I was immediately drawn to Zak. We chatted, danced, and had an amazing night before I went back to school stupidly without getting his number. I thought that would be the end of it, until New Year’s Eve when he showed up at my best friend’s house party. He had just graduated from college and was moving back to his hometown, which was 10 minutes away from my school!

I thought this all happened out of the blue, as an act of fate – unknown that he had orchestrated the entire thing just to see me again. One week later, I was moving back to school for my last semester and asked him to come see my school for a change. He became a staple in my senior semester and was immediately accepted by all of my friends. We started “dating” the day after my college graduation, and I couldn’t be happier to have him in my life the moment it got real.

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how they asked

In September 2015, amidst a post-graduation European backpacking trip – Zak and I found ourselves in Howth, Ireland and had the best day of our trip. We took a hike, stopped for a picnic lunch, sat by the Irish sea, and hung out with some horses and one local pup who acted as our tour guide. We got lost, we got ice cream, and we ended the day by eating any and all seafood that we can find – exhausted but more in love than ever.

Fast forward to May 2018. As Zak and I share a birthday weekend, we decided to head back to Ireland with two friends to celebrate. My only request was that I spend my birthday back at Howth, a request that everyone was all too happy to oblige. We got to Howth the morning of my birthday and set off for our hike – the biggest hope being that we find our way this time. When we got to the exact spot where Zak and I sat all those years ago, he suggested we stop to have our Prosecco picnic there.

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Sitting in the same spot and thinking about how content I was with my birthday, everybody suggested that we take pictures in front of the gorgeous view. So I stand next to Zak and take our picture, then turn to him to give him a kiss and see him on his knee.

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I immediately started crying and shaking as he asked me to marry him. Many tears and photos later, as we sat drinking the rest of the Prosecco, he told me that he had been planning this since the last time we were here – he had only been waiting to return.

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