Christy and Jesse

How We Met: Jesse and I both worked at Chick-fil-A. It was kind of an awkward, rough beginning, because I was dating someone else at the time we met. We felt such an instant attraction to each other that I couldn’t resist getting to know him better. Shortly after I broke up with the other guy and we began officially dating, I moved to Florida temporarily to do the Disney College Program. I could tell he really cared for me because he put a genuine effort into coming to see me while I was there and sent me little gifts to let me know he was thinking of me.

how they asked: I was sort of suspicious because we had agreed for me to move in with him, but I knew from a previous conversation he didn’t want to live with someone unless he was married to her. So when he asked me to take off work one day in December I felt a sneaking suspicion! He took me to the lake where we had our first date and recreated it.

For our first date, we tossed pennies into the lake and shared a fact about our past with each other for each penny. This time, we stated something we loved about each other or a thing we wanted to do before we die. I just KNEW he was going to throw the last penny and say “Before I die, I want you to be my wife!” I was SO SURE it was going to happen. But it didn’t! It caught me completely off guard.

Image 1 of Christy and Jesse

Then he took me to dinner. I’d been dying to go to The Melting Pot and he surprised me by taking me there. When we walked to our table, it was covered in rose petals! It was so sweet. Then when we sat down, he told me he wanted to share a song with me. He started playing Jason Derulo’s “Marry Me,” so obviously then I knew! He got down on one knee (as a photographer jumped out and started taking pictures! A dream come true!) and asked me to be his wife. I was crying, it was so sweet and beautiful and perfectly planned.

Image 2 of Christy and Jesse

Then the BIGGEST surprise–he took my hand and led me to another room in the back of the restaurant, where my family and his family were waiting!

Image 3 of Christy and Jesse

I couldn’t believe it, never did I expect that at all. His family and I are really close so it was even more meaningful to have them there.

Image 4 of Christy and Jesse

Oh, and he got the bride & groom Mickey & Minnie ears, which was so sweet and thoughtful of him, since I’m a total Disney nerd.

Image 5 of Christy and Jesse

The ring he proposed with was a very simple band with Mickey ears in it; he let me pick out the ‘real’ ring the next day. :)

Image 6 of Christy and Jesse

The ring does fit, by the way; I think I just have weird fingers, because it’s totally comfortable but everyone says it looks too tight. Oh well. It’s still beautiful!

Image 7 of Christy and Jesse

I honestly don’t think I could have asked for a more heartfelt, touching proposal. I cried so hard, and it was really nice to have dinner with my new family and my parents. I love you Jesse, thank you for making a beautiful memory for us!

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