Christy and Tyler

Image 1 of Christy and Tyler

How We Met

Her Side: My fiancé Tyler & I met in June 2019. We both work in healthcare, and at the time I was picking up extra shifts at the front desk on the weekends. Those are the days when our workplace wasn’t so busy and when I finally noticed the new guy around was super cute and funny.

He used to flirt with me all the time at work. He’d make me laugh & always tell me to smile. He would also show up to work with a Starbucks drink almost every morning. One day I joked about him needing to bring me Dunkin coffee since he had soo much time to stop in the morning, and I didn’t. So he said, “well I’ll just give you my number, so if you ever want a coffee just text me.” That day, I got off of work around 2 pm & waited aallll day until I knew he would be off to text him a quick reminder.

We have talked pretty much every hour of every single day since! In the past year, Tyler has become my best friend, my biggest supporter & the best thing that’s ever happened to me. We live together now and have the 3 cutest pups. The cute thing is, he’s been bringing me a coffee to work every morning since.. our life couldn’t be more perfect.

His Side: There’s not many things less exciting than being the new guy. I started a new job in June of 2019 in a healthcare facility knowing it was a big step in my life. But I just didn’t know how big of a step… Christy also works at the facility. She had a smile that stuck around, a smile you just can’t forget, a smile you just know she meant.

A couple of weeks past and I was the manager on duty for the weekend. Dreading getting up that Saturday, not knowing it was going to be the most important day of my life. To my surprise Christy was there covering the front desk, when I looked at her we finally made eye contact. the first thing I said to her was “Smile” and she did. But this smile wasn’t normal this smile was a chapter in our book “the smile that started it all.” the longest couple of days of seeing her in passing by I knew I had to talk to her. So one day she jokingly mentioned my Starbucks and said she only drinks Dunkin’ coffee. I knew this was my chance so I gave her my number & told her if she ever wanted coffee just text me. Needless to say, we’ve talked every day. she’s become my best friend, the person I tell everything to and she’s also as cheesy as it sounds became my coffee buddy for the rest of my life.

How They Asked

Her Side: Due to COVID 19, his options on how to propose were very limited. We had talked about getting married not too long into our relationship when you know you know!😉 So he knew how close my family & I were, and that I wanted them to be a part of it at least. It also helps that he and my family are so close and that we’re always visiting my parents who live nearby. Last month he had gone to visit my parents to ask my dad for his blessing to marry me. Once they told my mom, together they all came up with the most beautiful proposal.

On Saturday, May 9th, 2020 Tyler told me we were going out to a restaurant for dinner to end the perfect week we’d been having with a perfect date night. I didn’t think anything out of the normal because after staying home on days off for so long, I was just excited to be going out to a “25% occupied restaurant” and dressing up for the first time in months!

We spent the day running errands, then hanging out together at home until it was time for “dinner downtown!” It normally takes me forever to get ready, especially for a nice dinner, but during the time I was getting ready, my sweet fiancé was freaking out, he said he was so nervous and even googled what knee to bend down on! Oh, my sweet man. We took some selfies before we were going to head out, and I got a phone call from my mom asking if we had time to pick something up & that it wouldn’t take long at all.. so we agreed to stop by “real quick.”

When we arrived at my parents (you can’t see the backyard), we walked into the house and everything ~seemed~ normal. My brother called me upstairs to the loft to talk about our mom’s “Mother’s Day gifts” and to give me a quick update on his week. At some point, I could feel that he was trying to think of random things to talk about to stall, and as soon as I realized what was about to happen, I heard the music start to play & we walked downstairs. I walked out to the backyard and there he was, my future husband, waiting at the end of a path of dozens of roses, twinkling lights, and my family all around. It was so beautiful, I just started crying.

He helped me up to the platform and the first words out of his mouth were “Christy, a year ago I told you to smile, and I knew that smile would be my happiness for the rest of my life.” He was crying the whole time (and that’s incredibly hard to do!), he could barely get the rest of his words out. It was all so romantic and emotional. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said “yes!” only about a hundred times! It was absolutely magical! We kissed, hugged, wiped our happy tears, and celebrated with my family. I was also surprised by the family he had watching through Zoom! It was truly a beautiful quarantine proposal, and a night I’ll never forget.

His Side: After purchasing the ring. It was time to handle the planning. I spoke with her father first and asked for his permission to get down on one knee and ask his beautiful daughter to marry me. Then we broke the news to her mother. Christy had no clue but I was at her parents for the next 2 hours planning the most perfect proposal quarantine could offer. Her family was a big part of her life, and they have quickly become a big part of mine, so I knew it would be important to involve them. We planned the colors and camera placement for zoom (as a lot of our family lives out of town) Her brothers were in charge of music/ taking photos; her cousin and aunt helped with all the last second preparations/ photography.

On the morning of May 9, 2020, I was a bit nervous but it was manageable. I went for our coffee in the morning but made a pit stop to buy flowers. I wasn’t a fan favorite at the store as I purchased all the roses on the shelf for Mother’s Day (I’m not sorry) and quickly ran them to her parents’ house. The setup was gorgeous, her father hand-created arbors that her mother decorated with garlands of roses. He also built/decorated a platform with white columns, lights, drapes, and hundreds of red roses.

An hour before the proposal I asked her mother to call and ask us to pick something up. As we headed over I just grabbed her hand and smiled. When we got there I slipped out the back door, grabbed the ring from her mother, and smiled at her father. Her brother queued the music just before she walked outback, but without warning, I began to cry uncontrollably. She comes through the drapes, the most beautiful thing in the world, my future wife. I told her exactly how I felt just before bending on one knee and asking her to marry me. She said “yes” and we kissed our future. This was the beginning of our lives.