Christy and Trey

How We Met

Trey and I met at freshman orientation at Abilene Christian University. My friend Hannah and I were walking around the rec-center during a mixer they had when I saw these two guys walking towards us carrying racquetball racquets. I immediately turned to Hannah and told her we needed to talk to those guys because one of them was so cute.

We all four ended up talking for a couple hours and spent the rest of orientation hanging out. Unfortunately (for me) Trey was unavaliable when we met, so we were all just really good friends. Fast forward to the end of junior year, I asked him to my sorority’s formal (strictly as friends). But one of our mutual friends found out we were going together and told trey she thought we would be great together. After formal Trey continued to ask me to hang out and now we’ve been together for almost 3 years.

How They Asked

I went to visit one of my best friends from high school for a week in Chicago. She is in grad school, and mentioned to me at the beginning of the week that on Friday night we would go to a roof top area and take pictures and then go to dinner. I thought that sounded fun and was excited. Then Friday came and my friend had her externship that day, but told me she would be home by 5. Around 4:45 she was very anxious and told me she was running very late but to be ready and wear something kind of dressy. Still not thinking anything I got ready and waited for her. We then walked a street over to this hotel and went up to their rooftop. She apologized that we were so late, but as soon as we go to the rooftop there was not a single person there. I turned to her and said “I thought we were late”. So we sat down and then she said she needed to use the restroom but not to leave.

Me being the person who hates being left alone was very confused and wanted to go with her. She told me to wait for the group so I did. I then heard the door open again and instead of Miranda coming to sit back down, it was trey coming to ask me a question. I was shocked. I was not expecting trey to show up in a Chicago and couldn’t help but ask (multiple times) “what are you doing here?” Even though I very well knew what he was doing.

Trey then said a lot of sweet things and asked me to marry him. After saying yes, he handed me a letter he wrote one year before when we had a conversation about wanting to get married on the beach in my hometown. He wrote a letter that day (July 2017) to tell me how much he loved me and how he wanted to marry me. He waited to give it to me until we were engaged.