Christy and Seth

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How We Met

Like any modern day romance, Christy and I met on… Tinder. It may not be the most romantic “meet cute” out there but every bit as life changing. We are both very adventurous and quickly started building a great relationship together. Our amazing friendship sprouted and we became inseparable. It was 17 months after I meet Christy that I proposed to her. I was so lucky to meet this beautiful woman and she has changed my life and made me a better man.

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how they asked

I will never forget the birthday gift she got me for my 32nd birthday. She handed me a beautifully wrapped gift on December 13 addressed to her “Loverbutt” (that’s me!) and I had no clue what it could be. She is so thoughtful and creative and always makes me handmade cards! I tore open the recycled gift wrapping she had decorated with such love and pulled out this…

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We live in Southern California so I was stumped when I looked at the card and saw NEW YORK. I took in all the front of the card looking for clues as to what this was. It was not until I opened it did it all make sense…

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Christy is a jewelry buyer for a company in Orange County and travels to New York several times a year for market. Every time she went I always mentioned how much I would love to go with her. Well she definitely surprised me and bought me a ticket to come with her! Our trip was scheduled to depart on January 7. I had been trying to figure out the best time to ask the love of my life to marry me and was thinking of something special around Christmas but had not come up with the perfect plan. I knew how much she loved NY and always said it was soooooo romantic. Bingo! I could propose to her there! I had only been to NY once when I was in high school so I did not really know much about where I should plan it.

I really wanted to capture our moment so I reached out to one of my friends who was a photographer that grew up on the east coast to see if he had any connections with anyone there that could help me out. To my complete surprise he let me know one of our mutual friends Steb, who was also a photographer, was in Brooklyn for work. I called Steb and worked with him to plan out the special evening. We flew out of LAX at 6:30 am and as we flew into NY we knew that there was going to be a little snow fall, but little did we know it was not a little snow but a big snow storm! Leaving the airport we headed to the hotel in Manhattan and I told her I had reservations in Brooklyn so we got bundled up and jumped on the subway to head to Brooklyn.

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I had planned for Steb to meet us down at a spot between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge on the East River to get some candid shots of the proposal. I can honestly say we had never been so cold in our lives. The snow was falling and the wind was blowing off the river and we were walking down there in our Chucks (definitely west coasters!). When we got to the spot I had planned, I struggled to get the ring box out of my pocket so I dropped back for a second so that she would not see me taking it out of my jacket pocket. I got it out and told her before we get out of this cold I had something I wanted to ask her.

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I dropped down to one knee and told her that I was the luckiest man in the world and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She said YES!

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Special Thanks

Steb Camarillo
 | Photographer