Christy and Josh

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our home in Dallas, TX

How We Met

After several friends of mine had experienced success with online dating via, I was finally convinced to try it out for myself. It was January 2014 and I made a new years resolution to join Match and go on a few dates to see if I could make any good connections. I came across Josh’s profile and was of course instantly attracted to his charming smile, impressive physical condition and his witty “About Me” description in which he made several wisecracks about Walker Texas Ranger that had me laughing out loud. I made the first move and sent a virtual wink to him and eventually we got to messaging about everything from our love of Star Wars to jazz and our favorite steakhouses. We decided to meet for our first in-person date on February 18, 2014 at a little coffee shop in Dallas called Sip Stir Coffee House. It was gorgeous weather and we sat outside on the patio, drinking our coffee, chatting and laughing as if we had known each other for years. I cancelled my membership after that and we have been doing this crazy life together ever since.

How They Asked

It was Valentine’s Day in 2017 and that year, the holiday happened to fall on a Tuesday. Normally, we don’t usually go out anywhere for Valentine’s because, let’s be honest, it’s always a mad dash to get reservations booked in time, restaurants are always packed and that particular night was a “school night”. We decided to stay in, grill our own filet mignon and indulge in our most expensive bottle of wine on the couch. Josh had sent me flowers at the office that day with a sweet note that read: “You are my heart baby, I love you soooooo much!” Adorable right? I was completely content with that gesture but little did I know he had something bigger in store for me that night. On my way home after work, we were talking on the phone and Josh insisted that he would do all the cooking that night and he didn’t want me to worry about a thing– fine by me, right ladies?? I went to exercise right after I left the office so when I got home, I was still flush from the activity, sweaty and in my workout gear. I walk in to see that Josh had cleaned the whole house, lit all my favorite candles and he was all dressed up in what we call a Texas Tuxedo (button down shirt, blazer, jeans and boots). He tried to get me to go put something nice on but in my mind I was thinking, “what for if we’re just staying in?” Somehow I convinced him that we should just change into comfy clothes for the evening and he agreed and changed himself. After preparing our favorite meal of filet mignon, baked potatoes and asparagus we finally sat down to eat. Normally, my husband is such a Chatty Cathy after work but as we sat there and enjoyed our delicious meal, I noticed that he was oddly quiet and kept steering the conversation back to me and asking me a lot of questions (I would later find out that he was very nervous and he didn’t want to talk too much so has not to ruin his own surprise). After dinner, he invited me to sit down on one of the armchairs in our living room and naturally I assumed we were about to put on a movie but instead, he handed me a Valentines Day card and I started reading the loving inscription he had written for me. It was a tri-fold card so when I got to the middle flap, there was a yellow sticky note there that read “Lift Me” and underneath that sticky note was THE question: “Will you marry me?” I immediately lost any composure I had up to that point and began balling my eyes out with tears of joy. I looked up to find him on one knee, in his pajama pants, ring in hand and smiling. He happened to have some background music playing and at the very moment he popped the question, our song (“The Way You Look Tonight”) coincidentally started playing. I jumped up, hugged him and also apparently asked “Are you sure?” and “Is it real?” before ever saying “YES!” I’m not a particularly superstitious person, rather, I subscribe to God’s divine plan; but to this day, I still have the fortune cookie slip I received on 11/7/16 which read: “Remember, three months from now. Good things are in store for you.” What more of a divine sign could you ask for?

Christy and Josh's Engagement in At our home in Dallas, TX