Christy and Johannes

How We Met

We met for the first time at church where my family attended church. Johannes was fairly new to the area as he was originally from a town called Heidelberg, about 4 hours drive away, and his mom had suggested he join a church here to meet some people, and in he walked!

My brother who had just finished school at the time, started living and working on our family farm and Johannes was the manager at a nearby farm and so the two of them became close friends, spending a lot of time together. It wasn’t until about a year later that Johannes and I struck up a fairly friendly, but still relatively formal, friendship. After a few months, my brother went away to study and Johannes moved back to his home town, both in the same week. Johannes and I kept in touch from time to time but we weren’t really close.

In April of last year, he got a new job and moved back to the area and made contact with me to let me know he’d be moving back for a while. With my brother being away, I felt I needed to make an effort and reach out to him, so I invited him to join our home group and he came to church. We started doing more and more together and shared a group of mutual friends. Eventually he was seeing me almost every day (now bear in mind, he was living 45 minutes away at the time and was driving up every day to see me) making plans to go for coffee, have dinner or just pop in for tea, and here I thought he just had work in the area, that we were around so much… meanwhile… that wasn’t the case!

Long story short, we pretty much became each other’s best friend hanging out every day and sharing so much with one another and we both realized that we didn’t want to be apart from each another. My family and our friends had all said they saw it coming long before we did and were thrilled when we started dating, and that was 6 months ago! Johannes then moved to a cottage 3 km away from where I live and the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in the past 6.5 months is 4 days!

How They Asked

When I woke up on Saturday morning, my mom came into my room and handed me an envelope which read “It’s like 1…” Inside the envelope was a beautiful handwritten letter from Johannes.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

He told me I’d be going on an adventure, and there were some instructions to go to Brahman Hills spa for a treat. After arriving at Brahman Hills spa, I was greeted by a therapist who told me I’d be having a manicure!

Proposal Ideas On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

After my manicure, I was then told to open my second letter “2…” and was sent to my fave coffee shop, Flamme Rouge in Nottingham Road for a red cappuccino (also my fave!). After enjoying my cappuccino, I was instructed to go back home as there would be a surprise waiting for me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

When I arrived home, a make-up artist and friend, Sam, was waiting for me to do my hair and make-up. (At this point I thought I was going on a photoshoot with Johannes, after comments my sister had made the night before… and I was game!!)

Chrristy and Johannes's Engagement in On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

Sam then handed me my third and final envelope which said “3… as easy as can be :)” and at that moment I realized he was quoting our song “Simple” by Florida Georgia Line. (Cute!!) The third letter was so special and it told me that Johannes would be coming to fetch me and we’d be going on the next part of the adventure, together…

Chrristy's Proposal in On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

When he arrived (looking so handsome I might add) he told me to get into a truck and he blindfolded m…. at this point I was feeling super excited and thought maybe he’d organised a little styled shoot for us, and off we went!

Where to Propose in On our family farm, KZN Midlands, South Africa

We eventually arrived at our destination, our family farm, and Johannes helped me out of the truck and lead me to a beautifully laid out picnic overlooking the dam. He asked took my camera at that point and placed it onto a tripod so the moment could be recorded!

When he removed the blindfold, I was absolutely blown away by the beautiful spread in front of me and my heart started beating super fast as I began thinking “what was going on?”

Johannes gave me a tight hug and he told me how he loved me and then he got down onto his knee and asked me to be his WIFE, with THE most gorgeous ring I have ever seen!!

After saying “YES I will!” we spent some time popping champagne, talking non-stop, attempting to eat (which was so hard because our tummies were so full of butterflies!!) and just taking in the moments as a newly engaged couple before anyone else found out. At some point, Johannes looked at the time and said my Dad had told him we needed to meet him at the top of the farm at 13h30. So we made our way there and when we arrived Johannes’ parents (who had driven 4 hours to surprise me) and my parents, were waiting for us, standing next to a helicopter and we were sent on a lovely helicopter flip, which was a special surprise for both Johannes and I, to celebrate!

The following day my younger sister grabbed my camera and told me it’s my turn to have engagement photos taken (I’m a wedding photographer, by the way..) so we brushed our hair and went outside for own little “engagement shoot” moment!! The photographs turned out so beautifully, I’m sure I’ll be hiring her out very soon ;)

Special Thanks

Debbie (Mom)
 | Planning
Cami (Sister)
 | Photographer