Christy and Evan

How We Met

Evan and I met in the summer of 7th grade at a camp that we had attended our whole lives. In high-school we became very good friends, and that relationship continued to grow. We were best friends, and were always there for each other through bad relationships, tricky situations, and all the memories of high-school. Our senior year we both started to realize around the same time that we loved each other, and it was not the kind of love that you can just ignore. So we had the conversation and had to make the decision if dating was worth the risk of our friendship.

It was best decision we have made together and we started dating on February 14th, 2012 (how corny!). Since then, love has been so easy. Like any relationship, we bicker, argue, pick on each other, but at the end of the day our relationship is so strong and centered around good morals and love.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Garden of the Five Senses, Lancaster, PA

Together, we have already experienced so much – high school graduation, four years together at Penn State, college graduation, and in 2013 Evan was right by my side when I defeated cancer. I have always heard that you should “date your best friend” and I could not agree more. Now I get to be his high-school sweetheart!

Christy and Evan's Engagement in The Garden of the Five Senses, Lancaster, PA

how they asked

5•6•17 I finished my second semester of grad school at Johns Hopkins University, and I was home for a week before summer semester began. Evan knew that I was under immense stress from finals, so he told me that we were going to do something nice on Saturday while I was home. We threw some ideas around together like hiking, dinner, etc. We ran into a speed bump (or so I thought) when my best friend that lives in Pittsburgh told me that she was coming home that weekend while I was home from school so that we could see each other. I was so excited! So I mentioned it to Evan, and he casually said that her and her boyfriend could join us for whatever we did on Saturday. Due to unpredictable weather, we decided to go to a very nice restaurant in Lancaster, PA called The Press Room.

Earlier in the day before dinner, Danielle and I went to go get our nails done – which we do almost every time we are together. She also mentioned a place called “The Garden of the Five Senses” that borders a river in Lancaster near the restaurant. I agreed that we should check it out. It had rained on and off throughout the day, even on our way to dinner. The restaurant was very nice, and when we were finished eating we stopped into another friend’s apartment that he had just moved in to (little did I know Evan was stalling). Luckily, the rain had stopped so we headed towards the garden. I was totally oblivious, still. We were walking through the garden and stopping at all of the stations sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch. On the way back through the garden to head out, Evan had to “tie his shoe”, and just as I turned to wait for him, he was on one knee.

I always promised myself I wouldn’t hysterically cry, but I was so full of emotions I could not even try to control it. He asked me, and of course I said yes! He stood up, but then he got back down with a sheet of paper that he had with the 11 reasons why he wanted to make me his wife. I was so excited, I didn’t even know what to do or how to act. I wanted to call my parents immediately because I wanted them to be the first to know, but Evan kept saying “just wait until you are home, you will want to tell them in person”. After a 20 minute drive that felt like a lifetime, we pulled into my driveway that was full of cars.

Evan had arranged for both of our families and closest friends to be there to celebrate our engagement. I am still overwhelmed that the day went so perfectly. Evan did not seem even slightly nervous, and he planned out the details so perfectly that I had absolutely no idea what was happening. I later found out that he had been texting my family and friends all week with different ideas and plans.

I appreciate the detail that he put into the day, and that he was able to make it so special for me, and have my best friend come from Pittsburgh. The next day, our best friends from college, Kerry and Joey, pulled into my driveway to surprise me with balloons and champagne – the happiness kept on coming!

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