Christy and Dwayne

How We Met

Dwayne and I spent our childhood in the same neighborhood without ever knowing our soulmate was just 5 blocks away. We finally met at Maplewood swim club where we both had summer jobs, but Dwayne could barely ever get 2 words out of me. He’d try to be funny or charming, but me being so shy, all he’d get was a simple smile in return. About a year later after almost giving up, he wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook and we haven’t stopped talking since!

how they asked

On Saturday, August 27, 2017, Dwayne surprised me with a boat day on the water in Hampton Bays with our pups, Zoe and Sophie. As we explored the water looking around for a spot to anchor, we came across a perfect little sand bar to spend the day.

An afternoon full of relaxation and beautiful weather, the day could not have gotten any better (or so I thought). As the sun began to set, I took the pups for one more run down the sand bar. Little did I know Dwayne was following in the distance with a little black box in his pocket. He suggested a few family photos with the setting sun, so we grabbed the pups and knelt down.

After taking a few pictures, as I began to stand I realized Dwayne remained on one knee—a beautiful moment neither of us will ever forget. Even the boating ticket we received at the beginning of the day could not put a damper on this absolutely perfect day!

Special Thanks