Christy and Brian

How We Met: Brian I were both “wingman-ing” for our two friends that had been out on a few dates. We met at a bar right by the Phillies stadium that conveniently-has a mechanical bull.

After being introduced I thought it was going to be a little awkward but Brian took control of the situation and offered to buy me a drink, we walk over to the bar and he ordered two tequila shots. Most girls would be offended that this random guy who she just met presumed she would be taking tequila shots with him, little did he know at the time I LOVE TEQUILA.

After our shots we had engaged in a little small talk but out of nowhere Brian asks , “You want to ride the bull with me?” It was like all of the stars were aligning, I had met someone that was just as crazy as I was.


My friend was kind enough to take this gem of a photo of our “first date”

how they asked: After two amazing Brian-Christy-Caricatureyears Brian had come up with an amazing proposal idea, he told me he found a great deal to have a caricature artist draw a picture of us in a park that I love down the street from our house.

We were excited to go and the night before I had to rush Brian to thehospital for stomach pain, turns out he had salmonella.  Brian had to sneakishly reschedule everyone involved with our engagement, the photographer, the caricature artist and my family, who were planning on meeting us after, all from the hospital. So after a week of being in the hospital his plans were coming together.

On our rescheduled date we left our house in the morning to go to the park to have our picture drawn. We met our artist in the park and sat on a bench, after about 15 minutes she looks at Brian and says, “OK, you ready?” he nods and she turns around the picture-of Brian proposing.

It took my brain a few seconds to process what was going on. Brian pulled me off the bench (I don’t think my legs were working) got down on one knee and said, “You know I love you, right? Will you marry me?”

Caricature Artist: Courtney