Christy and Andy

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Gorge Amphitheater, George WA

How We Met

Andy and I met through the Dave Matthews Band. I lived in Wisconsin at the time and he lived in Massachusetts, so the probability of us ever developing into something serious was pretty slim (were my initial thoughts at least). One day he surprised me by coming to visit in Chicago. We spent two days together and had felt like we had known each other for an eternity… and so the rest was history. We made multiple flights to see each other throughout the course of our early relationship until I decided to take the leap and move halfway across the country to be with him. It was the best decision I ever made!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Gorge Amphitheater, George WA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Gorge Amphitheater, George WA

how they asked

A few months prior to the proposal, we had attended another music festival and always took pictures on Andy’s phone (as he had portrait mode). He told me to send the pictures to myself and had inadvertently left a text message up from his friend. In the text, he told his friend that he was proposing to me at the Gorge Amphitheater and wanted him to be there for the special moment. Immediately, I swelled with happiness but was extremely disappointed to have ruined the surprise. I did not tell anyone I knew about it beside our mutual friend Abbye, who I was trying to convince to come along with us to the Gorge. A week later, I received a text message from Abbye with a screenshot of a conversation between Andy and her. He had stated that he was not going to propose and was just saying that to convince her to come and that he was sorry for misleading her. I believed these text messages because that night, we had a little too much to drink and it didn’t surprise me.

I was angry with him for a few weeks but forgave and forgot. The Gorge Amphitheater is a music venue that we travel to every year to see the band that brought us together – The Dave Matthews Band – and it had finally come! Our best friend Erica had suggested that one of the nights we should dress up and go to the winery that was located near the venue. Our usual concert attire consisted of jeans and flannels, so we all agreed it would be nice if we could get some good looking pictures before the concert. After the winery, we sat down to eat and low and behold – I spill ketchup all over my white dress. “There’s no way I’m wearing this now”, I said to Andy. “You are wearing the dress,” he replied sternly. After arguing about my attire that night, unsure of why he cared so much about getting good pictures, I reluctantly agreed and brought a change of clothes to change into after we took the pictures.

Erica and I crested the beautiful hill and overlooked the gorgeous venue. We began taking pictures with our back turned away from the camera. As I turned around, I bumped into someone… it was the love of my life on his knee. He was so nervous that he had the box facing the wrong way – but at that moment, everything was perfect. We both cried as I said yes, and he apologized for having to be a jerk when I found out about the proposal.

He told me the text messages I saw were scripted, Erica had developed a plan to ensure I would look nice for the proposal, and our good friend Kevin flew the ring all the way across the country so I wouldn’t see it if TSA had searched through Andy’s bag prior to our flight. Throughout the ups and downs, everything ended up working out perfectly. Dave Matthews Band was the reason we had met, along with all of our friends there with us, and I could not have imagined a more perfect way for me to have said yes to my forever!

My fiance also made a blog post about this. His story goes a little more in depth. Read it here.

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