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I (Christopher) have been Speedcubing for the last 10 years. Speedcubing is solving a Rubik’s cube or other twisty puzzles as fast as possible. I have been competing since I was 12 years old and in 2013 I held broke the 2×2 world record average 3 times with averages of: 2.08, 2.02, and 1.71 second averages.

I was going to a competition in Raytown Missouri and noticed that there was a girl my age there. These competitions are primarily younger teenagers and there are VERY few females at these competitions. So seeing a girl and one that was my age wasn’t something that happens frequently. I went over while she was talking to another one of my friends to introduce myself. We had casual conversations throughout the conversation, but nothing crazy.

After the competition I tried to find her on any social media that I could so we could keep talking. I couldn’t find her anywhere, but I eventually checked a Rubik’s cube forum that was just starting to die out at the time and I checked the thread for the competition and noticed that she had made a post. I sent her a private message and we talked there for several months before finally exchanging numbers.

Over the summer, we had went to one other competition that we both happened to be at and had a great time. At this point I think we both mutually understood we liked each other but didn’t want to admit it since I lived in Minnesota and she lived in Kansas. By September of 2016, there was another competition in Missouri and we both wanted to try dating. I flew down to Kansas and spent the weekend with her and asked her to be my girlfriend which started our long distance relationship (7 hour drive).

how they asked

After we had discussed getting married for a while (we dated for two years) I knew that I wanted to propose and also film my own proposal. I have been a videographer for 5 years so capturing beautiful cinematic moments is something I love to do. I knew that I would love to have a video of my own proposal that I had part in filming and editing.

Sarah had told me that she wanted to be proposed to somewhere in nature and she LOVES Duluth Minnesota. I knew that would be the perfect place to do it. So, in order to be able to film my own video, I talked to one of my other filmmaking friends that I frequently work with. We’ve wanted to shoot stock footage together for a while, so that became our idea. Tell Sarah we were going to Duluth just to shoot stock footage and that we wanted her in some of the shots to represent people.

Since she was in Kansas, I drove down September 28th to Surprise her at a competition she was competing at and then the following Monday brought her back to Minnesota. We’ve always surprised each other in the other state without telling each other, so this wasn’t anything super abnormal to do. I told her that I knew she loved Duluth and that Josiah and I would be filming up there and I knew she’d want to come. She was super excited.

So throughout the day we went to a bunch of cool locations and just filmed shots of nature, Sarah, and other fall related things. But, to get shots of both of us together Josiah said he wanted stock footage of couples. Sarah knows I hate to be in front of the camera, so I would have to act occasionally and say “Oh no, I really don’t want to be in this shot” which helped throw her off. If I just gave in too easily to being in the shots, she’d wonder why Josiah was filming us and why I wasn’t refusing.

After multiple stops, we arrived at our last stop in Jay Cooke State park. There is this beautiful big walking bridge that I knew I wanted to propose on. In order to get onto the bridge and film the scene, Josiah said “Hey, I want a shot of both of you on this bridge. You guys will stand back to back and turn around and hold hands” we practiced this a few times for the shot, and then on the final attempt before she turned around, I got down on one knee. When she turned around she saw me and immediately started crying and said yes.

Fun fact, 2 hours before the proposal my friend crashed his drone and it fell in a creek which was about waist high deep.

He told me to just leave the drone because there was no one any of us were going to go in the water when it’s 40 degrees out to save something that’s probably broken. Well, I’m stubborn and wanted that footage. So I took my shirt off and went in to the water to retrieve the drone. Thankfully, I had a change of clothes so I was able to get cleaned up. It definitely threw Sarah off that I got soaking went in freezing cold weather! Who would propose after that?

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