Christopher and Paola

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Palace of Finw Arts, San Francisco CA

How We Met

2012 mutual friend tried introducing us. Unfortunately it never happened. We were social media friends but not until Oct, 12th 2013 did we meet in person. Kinda. We were both at a tail gate he waved and smiled at me from across a field. I had no idea who he was but he was cute so I smiled back. Apparently we were fb and Insta friends lol That was it. Six months later he fell into my insta DMs lol He was direct ,asked for my number. And the rest is history. We been together for 3 years 9 months and now we’re Engaged! I thank god everyday for this man! True believer that what’s meant to be will at its right timming.

how they asked

October 1st, 2017. We were in San Fran for the week and we had planned to go to the Palace of Fine Arts before heading to dinner. We get there and I mean it’s beautiful it takes your breath away. He asked to take a selfie and we do. Sun is in my face I ask to take another. We start walking forward to get away from the sunlight. I turn to fix my hair. He’s down on one knee! I laugh and say “ You’re not doing this right now, you’re kidding!”. Realizing he is serious I burst out in tears. Photographer is hidden behind 3 trees. Trees and the number 3 are very dear to our hearts. Weird right? In the picture of him on one knee there are trees in the background. Two trees in symmetry to us. Something that was brought up to our attention after sharing photos with our family. “Like stars aligned or something.” As If we were meant to be in that exact spot. What a beautiful surprise, to follow with an engagement shoot! Feeling so blessed and thankful! Can’t wait to be Mrs. Seaton! ?

Christopher's Proposal in Palace of Finw Arts, San Francisco CA

Special Thanks

Eric Guarisco
 | Photographer