Christopher and Brandon

Image 1 of Christopher and Brandon

How We Met

Our adventure began in July of 2017. I (Chris) was living in Jersey City, and frequently traveled down to the Jersey Shore on weekends. After chatting online for some time, I asked Brandon if he wanted to get ice cream and watch Asbury Park’s 4th of July fireworks together. Thankfully he agreed and so we picked up large ice cream cones and sat on the beach for the show. The date was a huge success and we made plans to see each other the next weekend…and the next…and the next.

We spent two years rotating weekends together, I would either take the train down from the city or Brandon would drive up to me. In May 2019 we decided to move in together and call Jersey City home.

I never expected a spontaneous, last-minute date to turn into an incredible 4 years together.

How They Asked

On July 4, 2021, four years from our first date, I asked Brandon’s parents for their blessing to marry him. The next week and a half were exciting, emotional, and stressful as I actively planned a proposal while keeping this huge secret from him.

I asked Brandon to work from his office on July 14 because, “I ordered something for our anniversary and it was being delivered in the afternoon.” Surprise, there was no delivery scheduled, but that did give me the entire day to set up our apartment and prepare for the big moment.

Image 2 of Christopher and Brandon

When Brandon got home from work, I had already set up and left. There was a hand-written letter from me on the kitchen counter, and a second envelope detailing what he needed to do next. The instructions asked him to meet me at a specific place on the waterfront at 7:30 pm.

When Brandon arrived I was waiting for him at the end of the pier. I had two close friends blocking foot traffic to give us privacy, and a photographer there to capture the moment.

Image 3 of Christopher and Brandon

We laughed, cried, and celebrated with doughnuts. After calling our family and close friends we went to dinner together at a local restaurant we’ve always wanted to try.

Turns out Brandon thought I ordered us a new couch, but we agreed this was a much better surprise.

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