Karlie and Alec's Incredible Christmas Puppy Proposal

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How We Met

We both grew up in a town south of Seattle. We had lived there nearly our entire lives and our parents homes literally four miles apart. We had tons and tons of mutual friends but for some reason, we had never even heard each other’s names before and we had never been introduced by our friends until the time was right.

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From the second I met Alec, I knew I wanted to spend my life with someone just like him. I remember being a senior in high school telling all my friends about my new found Prince Charming and specifically telling them I could spend my entire life with him. I just knew it. We spent eight long months playing “hard to get with each other” but we knew and everyone around us knew we were crazy about each other.

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He told me he loved me at a country music festival here in Washington, called Watershed, five days before asking me to be his girlfriend. We have been inseparable ever since and we make sure to attend that festival each year to go back to where our love officially began.

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how they asked

To preface: Alec and I are dog obsessed, and I mean obsessed. It’s all thanks to our good friends that have the most adorable french bulldog. We spend our days searching dog photos and videos on Instagram just dreaming about our own and laughing until we cry. But it was always just talk.

So, the day Alec decided to propose to me was very unexpected. I had all my family and friends lying to me all day about what they were doing that night and asking me to join in on their plans. Then in the evening, Alec’s mom called him and asked if we could run by her house and “let her dog out”. We’d done this before so I didn’t think anything of it.

We headed over and walked in the dark towards what I thought was a vacant house. I walked over to their beautiful tree to scope out the gifts when I saw a pet carrier under it. Even at that moment, I was oblivious and I kept asking him who had a cat? I am not sure what I was thinking!

Then Alec told me to open the carrier. And that’s when I saw.

Inside was a perfect baby blue brindle frenchie and I was instantly in shock. I lifted him out and asked if it was for us!?! At this point, I still had no idea it was more than just a Christmas present but then Alec told me to look at the tag. When I did, I read the words “Will you marry me?”


And that’s when he kneeled down and whispered the sweetest words to me while slightly giggling with the biggest smile in his eyes.

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Of course I said yes as I kissed him. He put the most perfect ring on my finger that he custom made, and I sat there hugging him with our new little son, Leo, in between us.

Then, all of a sudden I heard footsteps and people screaming in celebration. Both of our entire families ran into the room with some of our closest friends. I couldn’t believe they were all there!

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When they turned on the lights there was champagne and a dessert bar along with the cutest engagement decor. Both my dad and his dad made toasts that had me in tears, and I have never felt so much love in a room. We all got to share such a special night; one of the best nights of my life. Everything was perfect, and I got myself my dream soon-to-be-hubby and the most precious pup – the start to our little family.

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Christmas Proposal with Puppy on HowTheyAsked

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