Christmas Eve Marriage Proposal

christmas marriage proposalRemone had approached us in hopes that we would be able to capture his surprise proposal to Daniela. Steve and I jumped at the chance to say YES!! At that time, Remone knew he wanted to do it Christmas Eve but was waiting for last minute details like the custom ring being finalized, the booking of the choir, and getting the exact location perfect.

He ended up choosing the TD Centre in Downtown Toronto, where each year they bring in 3 beautifully tall and full Christmas trees that are stringed with gorgeous lights. We thought it was perfect but the next challenge was to find out where we would be, and where the choir would be without giving anything away to Daniela.

We drew Remone a little map telling him where to walk, and where to go exactly so everything could be a surprise.

December 24th came along, and 4:30pm was the time it was all supposed to begin. Steve & I met up with the choir, chatted with them for a bit and then headed outside to wait for Remone & Daniela.

Remone had texted Steve telling him they were coming up the stairs, so we told the choir to start singing the song “Ave Maria” which happened to be Daniela’s favorite song.

Once Remone & Daniela got closer, I heard her say “Do you hear that? There’s a choir…”. Once I thought they were in a position where I could turn the corner, I peeked and found Remone standing there. Steve & I waited for another minute before we allowed ourselves to be seen by both of them. Once we did, Daniela’s face was priceless.


Remone had given Daniela a letter for her to read, and once finished he got down on one knee and asked her for her hand in marriage, and of course she said YES!!

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christmas marriage proposal 2014

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And the most cutest thing happened, some family members came to surprise them, and we waved them out to come celebrate. It truly was a Christmas Eve to remember. Thank you Remone for allowing us to capture this amazing moment in both of your lives.


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Story and Photos by Mint To Be Photography