Christmas Engagement; Meagan and Chase

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Image 3 of Christmas Engagement; Meagan and ChaseHow We Met: The story of how we met isn’t necessarily a short one – it happened over the course of about a year and a half. Chase and I first met in high school. I was a junior, he was a freshman. I had just switched schools at the end of my sophomore year, so was still fairly new to Northwest Christian. My best friend Lindsay had actually switched schools at the same time as well, and we noticed more than once that a couple of the underclassmen boys were very nice to look at – Chase was one of them.

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Over the next year we hung out more in groups, going to football games, movies, and we started to see how well we got along and how compatible our personalities were. Then basketball season rolled around during my senior year, and his sophomore year. Over the Christmas break our interest in each other started growing, and went to a movie together. (Happy Feet will always hold a special place in my heart) One of the good things about this basketball season were the away games, away games meant long bus rides. I was starting to really like Chase and enjoyed the excuse to be around him for up to 4 hours a night on those really long rides.

One night he ended up sitting by me, which was the night we really clicked officially. Others could see us sitting together, making a statement that we liked each other, our conversation and flirting flowed easily, nothing was forced or awkward, ever. I don’t know how many teen couples can say that they never had an awkward moment. From then on we always sat together and our friendship and relationship continued to grow.

He asked me out January 16, 2007. I was leaving for college in June and knew that there were two options if I said yes, 1. That it would be very short-lived but we’d have a great time during those next five months, or 2. We’d brave the thought of doing long distance when I left. I didn’t know what was going to happen once June rolled around. All I knew is that we had a ton of fun together and I wanted to spend a lot more time with him.

We obviously stayed together and braved the long distance from Spokane, WA to Phoenix, AZ for 2 years. The majority of our relationship, in fact, has been braving long distance. 4 of the 6 years we’ve been together have been across multiple states. I think we could write a book on how to survive long distance relationships.

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how they asked: Chase’s family had invited my family over to dinner on December 21st (the day the world was supposed to end), and we were all planning on going. Earlier in the day his mom, Lola, texted me and asked me to come 30 minutes early to show me some of the presents she had gotten Chase. I didn’t think twice about it and agreed. Then, about 2 hours before I was going to leave his dad, Randy texted me and told me that he was doing some maintenance on the front door, and it was out of commission for the night. Instead, I was supposed to come around to the back patio door. Again, didn’t think twice about it. I showed up to their house a little too early and decided to sit in my car for 5 minutes and finish my audiobook I was listening to. I was hooked! Then, with presents in hand, trying not to slip on the ice, I walked around to the back patio door. Right away I knew something was up when I looked through the all-glass door. For a split second I thought, “Wow, Lola went all out for this dinner!” As I opened the door, I realized what was happening. Naturally, I started having heart palpitations immediately. I set the presents down as I soaked in the breathtaking setting. All the lights in the house were off, and the only light was coming from the tulle-covered white lights that made a path through his house as well as the 50 candles that were lit all over the place. Right inside the door there was a poem displayed with a spotlight. The poem sounded professionally written, but my mind was racing so I was having a hard time taking it all in. The poem ended with “I open at the close, so find me on the tree.” So I knew something was waiting for me in the formal living room where their Christmas tree was.

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I started walking through the kitchen, listening to the background music playing (which happened to be the Harry Potter soundtrack them song), and looking at all the pictures he framed of us. On their 15 foot granite island, he had framed and displayed about 25 pictures from when we first started dating all the way through our six years. Candles were lit, and there was more tulle intertwined between all of them. It was like a dream. I said outloud, “Holy Crap, this is happening.” Ha! I was making a conscious effort to walk slowly and take everything in, because I knew I would want to remember this feeling forever. I walked under the lit up archway into the formal dining room and saw one last picture of us with a sign that read(in my sister’s crazy calligraphy handwriting) “After all this time?… Always” True HP fans might recognize that quote…

I turned the corner and peered into the formal living room, expecting to see Chase standing in front of the Christmas tree. Instead, I saw the beautiful tree lit up with a spotlight right in the middle shining on a gold ball ornament. As I got closer I realized that the gold ball was actually made into a legit snitch. This thing was pro. Still no Chase to be found. I opened the snitch and saw my ring. I t was the shiniest thing I had ever seen. A little caught for words, and breath, I closed it, not sure what I was supposed to do next. Right at that moment, from the corner of my eye, I see the glass door to the Ramey’s office open and Chase walked out looking determined. He walked right up, grabbed my hand and the ring, got down on one knee, told me that he’d always love me and asked me to be with him forever. I said, “Of course!” After we hugged, we separated and he pointed up to the Mistletoe he pinned on the ceiling and we kissed, now engaged!

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It was the happiest moment and night of my life. It was perfect in every way- sentimental, little hints of HP, and our family was there to celebrate with us. I never really knew what to expect from his proposal or how he was going to do it, but I cannot imagine a better, more meaningful way. He rocked it. Then, as scheduled my family started showing up and got to experience the whole thing with me. It was perfect. Did I mention that? Then we spent the night celebrating with both our families. I learned later that he had gotten the day off from work to set everything up, and of course his whole family was in on it.

I’m so excited to marry my best friend and favorite person in the world.

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Photos by Andria Lindquist