Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

Background: I had the sweetest proposal I could’ve ever asked for. My fiancé, Dustin, asked me to marry him on Sunday, December 16th, 2012 at my Grandparents’ Family Christmas Party. To me, it was like any other party, or for that matter any other day, but to him it was way more than that! Every year it’s a tradition for my family to get together about a week before Christmas and spend quality time catching up amidst the hustle and bustle. The annual gathering is my favorite social event that we attend over the Christmas holidays, and that is something Dustin knew very well about me. Family is extremely important, and I love spending as much time as possible with them.

Image 1 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

Image 2 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

The day of the proposal: The day started out with Dustin and I rushing around trying to get our green bean casseroles and other yummy dishes prepared, while at the same time trying not to be late for the party. As we hurriedly packed the car and finally headed on our way to my grandparents’ house, he decided to stop at Publix to get a bottle of champagne. (First red flag), but did I fall for it? No. I legitimately thought he was being a thoughtful guest by bringing the hosts a gift; even though in the back of my mind I knew my family didn’t drink. In my eyes, it’s always the thought that counts and I encouraged his sweet gesture.

As we arrived to the party, it was beautifully decorated and entertaining as usual. Nothing seemed out of the norm until about an hour into the party when Dustin took my iPhone away from me and said he wanted to hang on to it for the rest of the afternoon. (Hmmm, second red flag), but did I fall for it? No. Well actually yes, sort of. Being a little thrown off by him “stealing my phone” he quickly recognized my suspicion and eased my thoughts by suggesting he just wanted to hold it for me since I was wearing a dress with no pockets. Fair enough! I probably would’ve asked more questions be it at any other time, but I was too preoccupied catching up with family, and I have to admit it was also quite nice not having a phone attached to my hip!

Image 3 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

As the party went on, we then proceeded to the annual Christmas gift exchange. Every year our family pulls from a hat filled with numbers to see the order in which we each open our presents. (Let me insert a bit of information: Regardless of the number that I draw from the hat, I shamelessly cheat. Every year. Meaning I like to open my gifts out of turn because I hate all of the attention on me!) That kind of cheating is okay in my book, or so I like to tell myself. Needless to say, I finished opening my presents WAY before everyone else did. By this point everything was working out perfectly for Dustin’s pre-determined plan, because now I was completely empty handed and focused on everyone else. About mid-way through the gift exchange my grandmother stood up and announced…”We are going to take a little break, but before we do Dustin has something he wants to share.” Dustin then stood up in front of my entire family and announced that he had one last gift for me. My eyes and ears perked up as I watched him walk over to where my parents were sitting and retrieve a box from them. As he walked back over to where I was, this is when I started piecing the suspicious events of the day back together. I knew this was the moment I have been waiting for my entire life and I could not contain my excitement! Dustin had the most genuine and reassuring smile on his face which brought tears to my eyes as I watched him get down on one knee. He professed the sweetest words anyone has ever said and then ended his selfless speech asking me to marry him. I, of course, said YES and then we celebrated by popping open the champagne that was all along intended for me ;) I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend my life with such an incredible person. I am beyond blessed and am grateful for this amazing story I will remember forever.

Why he stole my phone: Dustin took my phone as mentioned above because he didn’t want me witnessing what was at the moment transpiring behind my back. He was slowly but surely revealing a sweet story in the making to all of my friends via Facebook by carefully and meticulously sharing a few posts/pictures to my timeline explaining the proposal plan and events in which they were about to occur leading up to his amazing proposal:

1st post he shared on my Facebook Timeline:
“First order of business: I bought the ring.” (He posted a beautiful picture of the gorgeous solitaire hand selected ring that he picked out. He had it in his possession for a month before asking me to marry him.)

Image 4 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

2nd post he shared on my Facebook Timeline:
“Second order: Then I asked her dad.” (He posted a photo of my father happily giving his blessing. He met up with my dad a few weeks before the Christmas Party and asked for permission to marry me. That meant more to me than anything else and I am so proud to call them my two favorite men.)

Image 5 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

3rd post he shared on my Facebook Timeline:
“Third order: Charli ok’d the ring.” (He posted a picture of our sweet puppy approving the ring! Charli is a huge part of our relationship, so of course she had to accept and give her blessing too because she loves her momma!)

Image 6 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

4th and last post he shared on my Facebook Timeline:
“Fourth order: Done Deal. She said yes.” (He posted a picture of me and him after I said yes!)
Image 7 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

After all was said and done, I was allowed to have my phone back! What a special day.

Image 8 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

Image 9 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

Image 10 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

Image 11 of Christmas Engagement; Jamie and Dustin

Engagement photography by Brita Photography