Christine and Preston

Christine and Preston's Engagement in San Antonio Country Club

How We Met

We met in Portland Maine in the summer of 2014. Both from different parts of the country, Idaho (me) and Texas (Preston), we arrived in Maine looking for an new adventure. What I didn’t know was that these next 3 months would change my life. Our first date was a dreary evening, it just had rained. The neighborhood was quiet, and their was a thick fog that rained over the street. I remember walking down the staircase from the apartment building that I was living in at the time, and seeing Preston waiting at the bottom of the staircase holding an umbrella (just in case it rained). I thought that was so sweet, and I could tell he really was a southern gentleman. As I walked outside of the door, he had the biggest smile on his face. It was from that moment, that I realized that my life was about to change.

He had a sense about him… from the moment I met him I felt so comfortable around him while also being so nervous. We went to a local pizza company for our first date, Flatbread Pizza Company, and split a Mexican pizza. We walked home from the restaurant that night and unafraid he asked me what I was doing the following day. We hung out every single day following that night. The greatest thing about Preston was that he pushed me to be someone that was adventurous. With him, I felt like I could do anything and not be afraid. Our summer consisted of taking “grandma’s blanket” everywhere we went. We went camping (yes, I went camping), swimming in the freezing cold ocean, watched the fire works on the hill, LOTS of ice-cream, movies (even the drive thru, made pancakes (a lot of them), went to Peaks Island. It was the start to an amazing journey together.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Antonio Country Club

Christine's Proposal in San Antonio Country Club

how they asked

We had just finished dinner with Preston’s parents on the patio of the San Antonio Country Club. It was 70 degrees, and the sun started to set. Preston insisted that we go on a walk along the golf course as he took my hand. He made it very clear to his mom that she would need to tag along to take some pictures. As we were walking I could see the redness in Preston’s face, he seemed nervous but I wasn’t going to “assume” anything at this point but something didn’t seem normal. He looked me in the face, took my hand and got down on one knee. He pulled out a beautiful ring and asked me to take his hand in marriage.

This day was one of the best days of my life.