Christine and Eric's Christmas Ornament Proposal

Image 1 of Christine and Eric's Christmas Ornament ProposalHow We Met: Eric and I met on the last night of orientation at Manhattan College in August of 2009. Eric was starting as a freshman and I had transferred from community college. We both actually lived in the same hometown within 3 minutes from each other, but never met before college.

On the last night of orientation, I was waiting in line to get my college ID badge when Eric came over and introduced himself. Eric said he coincidentally walked a certain way to “run into me.” We exchanged numbers and said we should hang out one day. A few days later, Eric texted me asking if he could see what my dorm room looks like since I was in the new dorm building and he was in the older dorm building. I was a little nervous because I hardly knew him and thought it could be awkward. But I told him to stop by and Eric wound up staying for hours. There was an instant connection between us and the rest was history!

how they asked: Eric and I moved a thousand miles away from both our families in New York to Tampa, Florida in July 2014. We both were very excited to go home for the holidays, as it was our first trip home since we moved. We agreed to have a date night the Saturday before we left at our favorite restaurant in downtown Tampa.

A few weeks prior, we talked about creating a holiday tradition of our own. Eric thought of a great idea, to have an ornament created with something significant that happened each year. We both agreed that the ornament for 2014 would be about our move to Florida.

We arrived about 20 minutes early to dinner, so we walked by the river admiring the beautiful view of downtown Tampa. At a certain point in our walk, Eric stops and reaches into his pocket to give me a small Christmas gift. We had exchanged Christmas gifts right before we left for dinner, so I was confused. He then says “I have one more gift I would like to give you. We talked about creating our own tradition, so I want this to be our first tradition that we will continue each year.” I start opening the gift and notice that its an ornament. I immediately see the words ‘We’re engaged!’ and start crying! It was happening! He got down on one knee and it was the most magical moment!

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