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Cambridge, England forever has my heart and so does Troy Ambrioso – WE’RE ENGAGED!!! In July 2017, Troy and I set off to visit and explore England and Ireland. I was more than excited to go back to Cambridge, England where I studied abroad years ago. I could not wait to share my love for this beautiful city and this time explore with my one and only. Troy had just finished his first semester of his Masters in Social Work program and I was teaching extra summer school shifts in order to save up. After working, taking classes, and saving for more than two years, it was finally the right time to take a break and enjoy the opportunity to travel together. I planned a day-by-day, organized, and detailed itinerary. Little did I know I was helping out with my own engagement plans. This trip was going to change our lives forever. Our first day of our trip was spent sightseeing and walking around the lovely city of London. We met up with Troy’s family for dinner.

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Troy’s parents were also traveling and visiting his sister who was attending vet school in London. The next day, Tuesday, July 25th, we woke up and had a full English breakfast at our charming B&B in Thaxted. After breakfast, we planned to take the train to CAMBRIDGE!! Troy really wanted to dress up and possibly go to a nice dinner there, so we spent some time getting ready to look nice. First, we wanted to go on a punting tour along the River Cam, also know as the Cambridge College ‘Backs’. The River Cam runs through the heart of Cambridge with views of King’s College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity College, the Bridge of Sighs, and other Cambridge landmarks. I thought for sure this tour would be very romantic and the best way to show Troy my favorite areas of Cambridge. When we got into Cambridge, the streets were packed with summer tourist. Many punting tours were booked-up so we had to wait two hours for the next available time. At this point, the ring was in Troy’s inside jacket-pocket, after traveling through airport security in his backpack. While we waited, we walked the streets of Cambridge and picked up a bottle of wine for our punting tour. I was ecstatic to be back and show Troy my favorite parks and shops.

Troy seemed pretty relaxed but was extremely anxious inside. During this time, without noticing, we passed Troy’s family in the streets. They were ready to surprise us for the post proposal celebrations. When it was time to finally get on the punting-tour we had wine, chocolate and the sweetest tour-guide. Our tour-guide was a young student from South Africa and had just started working for the punting tour company. Troy of course was very interested in talking to the tour-guide. I was very concerned that he was missing out on all the beautiful views during the tour, turns out he was just nervous talking. At one point during the tour, we saw the perfect spot to anchor the boat, get off, and take a picture with Kings College in the background. Our tour-guide advised us that we really weren’t allowed to stop and go on the grass but said we could if we made it quick. Troy was being very particular about where he wanted the picture taken.

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We moved the boat down and got centered for the picture… Troy got down on one knee (he has the grass stain on his pants to prove it) and reached for the ring box in his inside jacket pocket. When I realized what he was doing tears of joy instantly started rolling down my face. It was the perfect moment with the most romantic setting. I will relive this moment in my mind for the rest of my life. Troy was quick with his words and said the ones that matter most (“Will you marry me?”) and I said “YES!!”, while the tour-guide continuously snapped photos.

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We kissed and shared the happiest moment of our lives in front of King’s College Chapel. We hopped back on the boat and celebrated with a bottle of wine. Our tour-guide had no clue that was going to happen on his boat and was so happy he was apart of something so special. We were thankful for his amazing photos that captured the entire proposal. When the tour ended we thanked our tour-guide and then happily skipped through the streets of Cambridge to a pub called “The Eagle”.

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When we entered the pub Troy’s family was there with champagne ready to celebrate. We continued the celebration at The Free Press where we grabbed dinner and drinks.What a day to remember. It was absolutely perfect! On Tuesday, July 25th we were engaged in Cambridge, England!

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This was only the second day of our trip- we had an even better time exploring the rest of England and then Ireland as an engaged couple. Our love story is just getting stared! -Christine & Troy #engagment #isaidyes #worththewait#whenincambridge #bestpuntingtourever #golddiamondsource #troyingtheknot

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