Christine and Thomas

Where to Propose in At the top of Diamond Head in Oahu, Hawaii

How We Met

We met our senior year in high school together. Class of 2009!! He was the new transfer student and everyone wanted to get to know him. We had mutual friends. Everyday on our wing by our lockers, he would always slam my locker shut and he annoyed the crap out of me. You know that saying when someone picks on you its because they like you… Yeah, that was us. I always pulled his hair, pinched him and even dragged him all the way to class just so he could be late to his own class. All because he kept picking on me with no reason at all. We graduated on stage together and passed rehearsal time by getting to know one another. After graduation, he went on to Wyotech in Sacramento and I in community college. After a few months passed we started talking more often and he started to come back home every weekend just to spend it with me… Thomas and I have been together for 6 years ever since. Growing up wasn’t always easy, especially for me. I grew up as a teenager without family or my parents around so I had to grow up really fast and sometimes for others, they just don’t get that. Thomas was different and wanted to be my family, friend and lover. Don’t get me wrong, there were times where we didn’t know whether or not we would end up where we are now. After all life had to throw at us, we made it. 7 years later, we’re married.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At the top of Diamond Head in Oahu, Hawaii

how they asked

April 2016 was going to be our first real vacation to ourselves to truly enjoy our time off. We planned our vacation last minute, literally booked our fight 4 days before hand and hotel 2 days before departure. I have always been a type A personality, making lists, itineraries, and that’s exactly what I did with our vacation to Hawaii. We did almost everything from ATV rides, snorkeling, zip line to hiking. On the 3rd day, we planned to wake up at 7:30 a.m. to hike to the top of Diamond Head. I woke up and was exhausted so I told Thomas that maybe we should do the hike another day, he said “No, come on we can do it. I really want to go!”. Imagine my surprise, this coming from the same man who hates waking up and who can basically hibernate when given the opportunity. So I toughed it up, and got ready. When we arrived to the crater, everything seemed normal, and I knew I would trail behind him but he always waited for me after a few steps away. When we got to the top, I was so relieved! The view was amazing and I was so proud of myself for actually doing the hike. My phone started to ring and I was surprised I actually had signal. It was my best friend Facetiming me, she mentioned before we left that she wanted me to video chat with her and snap her where we were. So I answered, showed her the view, then before I knew it, he tapped on my shoulder and asked if I was ready… I turned around and he had the box in his hand. My friend laughed, and he said, “yeah, she knew too”. It was the biggest surprise of my life, I said “No” a million times out of surprise before I finally realized that it was real. And of course I said yes!!! We captured our entire vacation on a GoPro and at the end of the vacation we surprised all of our friends and family privately first with the video, then posted it on our social media.

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