Christine and Robin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Bellagio, Las Vegas

How We Met

Robin and I met online the summer of 2016. I was one more bad date away from canceling my account and so was he! We had both decided to try one more person, go on one more date before going through with the decision, and lucky for us that is when we met one another. We talked all week long, and had a simple coffee date planned for September 3rd.

We met at 11:00 AM for coffee at Starbucks, a public place with an easy enough “escape” if the date wasn’t going well, but it turned out to be completely unnecessary. We clicked and had this chemistry between us right from the very beginning. Our morning coffee turned into an early dinner, which turned into walking his dog in evening, which lead to staying up all night talking. In the morning we went for brunch and then the park where we talked and talked until the evening and he brought me home. It was the only time I’ve wanted to talk to anyone for 32 straight hours!

how they asked

For our one year anniversary Robin and I went on a long weekend trip to Las Vegas. The night of our anniversary we dressed up and went on an gondola ride in Venice, watched the Bellagio Fountain show from the strip, and then walked through the conservatory in the Bellagio hotel. It was next to my favorite flowers, lilies, that Robin got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was completely unexpected and onlookers cheered when I said “alright!” We embraced and danced in our own little world for a few minutes while we said how deeply in love we are. Then we walked around the conservatory in a “I’m recently engaged to this amazing person” kind of daze.

Christine and Robin's Engagement in The Bellagio, Las Vegas