Christine and Robert

Image 1 of Christine and Robert
I just got engaged on the morning of my first book launch! When I was 22, I started writing a novel called Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday. I met Rob around the same time I started the novel. I had just graduated college, and he had just graduated business school, and we were both living in Manhattan. I got a book deal from Simon & Schuster last year, and it came out this month.

The week before my launch, Rob went to the Strand bookstore to try to find a book the same size and shape as Sunday’s on the Phone to Monday. He wanted to hide the ring in a book, cutting a space for it to fit. The plan was to put my book cover on one of these other books, but none of the books he found were books I liked. Eventually he cut a hole in my book, but saved all the words he cut out in a ring box, (he said he didn’t want to get rid of any of my words.) He placed the ring on the page where two characters get married.

The morning of my book launch, we were in our pajamas in the apartment (just like how we spend most of our time together.) He told me that he’d found something on the first page of my book. When I opened it, I found a ring there, nestled between the words I spent our entire relationship composing and reordering. <3

I thought for sure that he was going to propose two months earlier, on our Valentine’s Day trip to Morocco and the Sahara desert. When I asked him, he said the pajamas felt more like “us.”

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