CHRISTINE's Proposal in West 4th Street, NYC

How We Met

I met Ray in elementary school. I and my twin sister would joke around and laugh about boys (including him) (we were kids). Ray and I even were in the same 2nd-grade class together! We didn’t really talk a lot to each other (probably because as a 6-year old boy had cooties, hahaha). We spent kindergarten through 6th grade at the same school and didn’t really speak to each other. He was just someone that I would pass in the hallway. We also went to the same Junior High School as well, but again, we never really spoke to each other. We went to separate high schools and saw each other around the neighborhood..little did I know he would mean so much more to me later on in my life.

How They Asked

The first time Ray and I hung out, we took our very first picture at a red wall on West 4th Street in Manhattan, New York. I was very shy I was nervous about taking photos with someone who I had not seen in over 10 years. But Ray made me super comfortable and looking back now, I am so glad we took those photos.

A few months later, when Ray and I became official, I thought it would be a great idea to replicate the same photo, in the same outfits we wore on our first date together. So for the past 3 years, he and I have taken our infamous “red wall” picture every year in our same outfits.

So in August 2018, we decided our infamous red wall photo again for the 4th time in a row but this time, it was a little different. Ray seemed anxious to take the photo, which was unusual. He is typically excited for our annual photos but I’m usually more excited then he is. This time around, he was adamant about me taking our annual photo on a specific date which was unusual because we take the photo in the summertime but not a specific date. In any event, I was excited because he was so excited this year to take the photo. So on August 16, 2018, he called me around 5:30 pm to meet him to the photo. Unfortunately, I was working late that night and could not get out of work on time to meet him. When I told him that, he said that I had to leave because we had to take this photo tonight. Ray usually surprises me with random dates and cute presents so I just thought he was planning a cute date night. I spoke to my boss and he said to leave because it sounds like Ray had something special planned. Little did I know…..

I met Ray at West 4th Street and he looked so handsome in his blue shirt and red sneakers which is what he wore on our first date. He seemed a little nervous but I didn’t give any thought to it. We decided to take our photos. We typically ask a random person on the street to take our photos and they are more than happy to do so (gotta love NYC). This time, he had his co-worker and friend, Oscar surprise me with his professional camera to take the photos. I was so excited because we had professional photos to capture this memory. We started taking a few and then Ray grabbed something from his bag and it was a box with a ring in it! I was in shock and there he was, on one knee and all, shaking, emotional and proposing all while Oscar is taking our photos! Of course, I said yes! Who would have thought that our little “red wall” photo would mean so much to us 4 years later.

Proposal Ideas West 4th Street, NYC

After saying yes, (of course) Ray had one more surprise for me. I told him many times in the past that if he were to ask me to marry him he would have to ask my parents, more importantly, my Dad for permission. When he proposed, I was under the impression that he didn’t ask my Dad but I let that go because I wanted to enjoy being engaged. But then Ray pulled out a photo and it was a photo of him, his Dad, my Dad and my Mom at my house! He DID ask my parents after all! I burst into tears of happiness knowing that he did fulfill my one wish to ask my parents. He even proposed 2 days before his birthday. He made his birthday weekend about US! That’s why I know that I found the one for me! Oscar took some photos of us on our engagement night and we even went to the park to take some more photos where Ray and I hung out on our first date and had dessert! Everyone stared at us, but it felt like it was him and I alone in the park just enjoying our moment. I hope you enjoyed my little red wall story and much as I enjoy telling it. The photos below are amazing. I even included a collage of each year we took our annual photo including the year he proposed to me. I hope you enjoy our little story as much as I enjoy telling it.

Special Thanks

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