Christine and Nick

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How We Met

We like to say our story began back in the ’50s, when our dads knew each other growing up in an Italian neighborhood in Revere. On top of that, my Grampy and Nick’s Gram have taken the same Knights of Columbus bus to Foxwoods every month for years. Turns out Revere is the center of the universe. Fast forward to the summer of 2014, we met at work when we both took on new roles at a great company we had both been working for in the Boston area. We ended up making a great team, with Nick as my manager. Yes… he was the boss! By the time we took on new roles again, we found that the more we got to know each other, the more we liked each other. It didn’t take long to fall very much in love!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Sunapee, NH

We enjoy spending time with our family and friends, walking our town’s lake in the suburbs outside of Boston, tackling yoga classes and home improvement projects, and frequenting our favorite restaurant for spicy cocktails. We love taking trips to Sunapee and Nantucket, and vacationed in beautiful St. John this past winter. One of our favorite things to do at the end of a long workday is snuggling up on the couch with take-out and a good movie! We love our life together, and we are over the moon excited to be getting married! We’re looking forward to a lifetime of happiness, laughs, and love!

Where to Propose in Lake Sunapee, NH

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Sunapee, NH

how they asked

Sunapee, NH has always been a special place for my family. Growing up, we spent every summer there with my cousins and it is the setting for some of my favorite childhood memories. Now that we’re all older, it’s been fun to introduce our significant others to the lake we love so much. Thankfully, Nick loves Sunapee just as much as I do! Knowing it would be a perfect place to propose and with family there to celebrate, Nick planned to propose this summer in Sunapee (unbeknownst to me of course!). So when my cousins Alana and Courtney, sister Julie, and I coordinated a cousins weekend in Sunpaee for the weekend of July 22nd, Nick jumped into action with his plan from there. I had no idea. We had an amazing Friday and Saturday at the lake, doing our favorite Sunapee activities: going on sunset cocktail cruises, jumping off the boat in Job’s Creek, walking to the Harbor, golfing for the guys, making homemade pizzas, playing cornhole on the beach, and drinking lots of wine. :)

On Sunday morning, July 24th, I woke up early and was ready to get a start on our last day at the lake, despite Nick encouraging me to sleep in. We had breakfast and talked about driving down to the Harbor with our new camera to take pictures. Since Nick was waiting for his brother Austin to arrive in Sunapee with his camera to photograph the proposal, he suggested we walk the three miles to the Harbor with Alana, Court, and Court’s husband Colin. It was a gorgeous picture-perfect morning and we hit up Marzelli’s for iced coffees when we got to the Harbor. Nick quietly told my cousins he was about to propose and suggested they “disappear.” Alana and Court played it cool and told us they were going to get smoothies. Wanting to finish my iced coffee before getting a smoothie, Nick and I walked over to a bench overlooking the Harbor. I remember Nick saying “This is the life …” :)

We were enjoying the view and chatting away and snuggling up on the bench. Nick actually got stung by a greenhead while we were sitting there! From my perspective, though, nothing was out of the ordinary, until I saw Alana’s husband Rudy arrive with the car to pick us up. As I stood up to flag him down, Nick got a text from Austin saying he was in the harbor and pulled me back toward him. He said, “I have to take another pill …” and for a second I thought to myself that was odd but possibly related to the greenhead sting, and then I saw the most beautiful ring in the world slide out of an Advil packet and into Nick’s hand!!!

Nick was saying, “Will you marry me?!” as he got down on one knee, and I started hyperventilating and crying, “Is this really happening?!?! Right now?!” and then of course, “YES!!!!!” It was the happiest moment of my life! And definitely the most surprised I have ever been. :)

The next big surprise came right after that when I saw Austin in the distance with my cousins and Nick told me that my parents and his parents and Gram (!!!!!) were back up at the beach, setting up a party for us in the boathouse! My cousins came running over, and Julie, Matty, and some of my aunts and uncles showed up at the Harbor. It was amazing to celebrate with them right then and there! We made our way back up to the beach for our engagement party at the boathouse, where our parents and more family had arrived to celebrate the day with us. Shout-outs to my mom and dad and Nick’s mom and dad and Gram and all of my aunts and uncles and cousins who were there and planned a wonderful surprise engagement party.

It was a beautiful, fun, sunny day filled with so much love and the best way to celebrate our engagement! As if that wasn’t enough, Nick also surprised me with Monday off from work! He’d asked my manager earlier that week if I could have the day off for a surprise he was planning … perks of working at the same company! We drove up to Vermont and spent the night at the Woodstock Inn. What a proposal! I am beyond lucky to be marrying Nick, and I will spend the rest of my life being so incredibly grateful that we met, and fell deeply in love. We can’t wait to become a family and spend the rest of our lives together!


Special Thanks

Austin Rubino | 
Nick's younger brother who took the photos from afar!
Nancy Giamattei | 
My mom who coordinated the surprise party at the lake with our families!