Christine and Nick

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How We Met

We first met in 2009 through mutual friends but did not start dating until 2013 when the time was finally right for both of us. The next 6 years were a blur of adventures beyond my wildest dreams. We traveled to 14 countries together, saw Macchu Picchu at sunrise, hiked the Great Wall of China, got dengue fever in Laos, celebrated Saint Patrick’s day in Ireland, climbed an active volcano in Guatemala, and discovered that all we needed to feel at home was each other.

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How They Asked

We were on an overnight hiking trip, and he was acting suspiciously. The thought crossed my mind “what if he is planning to propose?” but then I thought of how busy he had been these past few months with work and also his grandpa passing away, so I did not think there was any way he could have obtained a ring, so I quickly forgot about it. Later that night, we arrived at the shelter and luckily had it completely to ourselves. As the sun was beginning to set the suggested heading down to the tiny nearby lake to get water. As I was sitting on a rock enjoying the view next thing I knew he was getting down on one knee and reaching in his pocket and all I could think was OMG this is actually happening!

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It could not have been a more perfect setting for us, overlooking the Black Tusk where we used to do an annual trip. He had also snuck up a bottle of champagne so we spent the rest of the night running around giggling like little kids, taking pictures, and playing with sparklers we found in the hut. When I asked him how he got the ring with everything that had been going on he told me he had had it for over a month, and before his grandpa passed away he showed it to him in the hospital and got his blessing on the proposal.

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