Christine and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met at a small group through church a few years back in Denver, but it was only about a year ago last March (2016), when we reconnected over his dog. I (Christine) had genuinely reached out about his German Short-hair Pointer, as I was looking to adopt one, and knew that Matt had rescued one.

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I asked a few questions about the dog via Instagram message, and Matt suggested we meet up the next time I was in Vail (where he lived at the time) so I could see Ranger (his pooch) in person. We met up for drinks in Vail Village with Ranger, and although the meet-up was coordinated around the dog, sparks flew around the humans and we’ve been together every weekend either in Vail or Denver ever since :)

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how they asked

Little did I know, everyone- my parents, his parents, and all our friends in Denver- were involved in this proposal for a few months! Matthew told me that he was going to be out of town for work one weekend (which I thought was strange, as he’s never had to go on a work trip over the weekend), and he coordinated with my good friend Ellie to take me snowshoeing for her birthday (or so I thought). Ellie and I drove up to the mountains to snowshoe where this beautiful mountain range was waiting for us at the end of the trail. Ellie kept trying to get me to go the other direction, which I couldn’t understand at all, as what we were trying to get to was right in front of us! But she successfully got me to take another path which ran into where Matt had set-up his amazing proposal site where a photographer was waiting :)

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Matt popped up in front of a picture he had blown up (one of my favorites; taken at a friend’s wedding last summer), met me where I had stopped walking out of shock (!) and led me over to his set-up where he had laid out a blanket that said, “Will you marry me?”, surrounded in rose petals :) He said some of the sweetest words (which of course, like every girl, I cannot for the life of me remember!) and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!

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Once he got the ring on my finger, I realized that the photographer was my other good friend Kelsey! We popped a bottle of champagne and enjoyed our first few moments of being an engaged couple while Kelsey shot some early engagement pictures :)

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We walked back to the start of the trail-head where my parents were waiting, and I was the most overwhelmed with joy that he had brought my parents to the site, and that they were waiting for us at the end. Once in the car, we headed back to my family’s cabin in Breckenridge where Matthew’s family, my sister, and all our closest friends were waiting for us to celebrate. It was two surprises in one amazing day!

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