Christine and Matthew

How They Asked

I was SO happy when Knot asked me to share our engagement story because it was honestly the most creative and special story I had ever heard (obviously a little biased). My fiance, Matthew, decided he wanted to marry me 6MO before pulling off the engagement. Taking a lot into consideration, he began thinking about where he wanted this special moment to take place. As I truly love plants (we have 10+ in our apt), he decided he wanted it to be in or around some type of garden. The hard factor here is that we live in Chicago, IL and it’s smack in the middle of winter (womp womp). Matthew reached out to my favorite plant store, “Sprout Chicago” to do the proposal there. Sadly, when he arrived to look at the space, the outside deck was barren and not what he expected. He then started researching indoor rooftops in Chicago and came across Celeste which just recently opened a rooftop garden bar. GREAT! Matthew thought as he finally found a venue that was totally up my alley. Venue locked but now how would he get me to this random rooftop bar in the middle of winter on a Saturday afternoon? Well, his mind started to think and he decided to call Celeste and have their social media manager reach out to me on Instagram (wow). The sent me a perfectly curated message inviting me AND my boyfriend to an influencer event on 2/8/2020. Shown below.

Well, all GREAT except I read the message, smiled, and never responded. The panic began and Matthew + Celeste were out of ideas on how to get me to the venue on 2/8 at 230-330. Thankfully, Celeste reached out to me again and I RESPONDED (TG)! Not only did I respond and go along with Matthew’s little plan, I ALSO screenshot the message and sent it to him saying “we should go to this – sounds fun! Thoughts?” Little did I know his heart probably dropped so much knowing that 6MO of planning was actually going to play out – exactly as planned.

2/8/2020 came around and we had the best morning. We slept in, got a workout in and just relaxed. That afternoon, I had promised my girlfriend Steph that I would go to this facial mask spa class from 12-130pm (pretty tight timing considering this so called event was at 230p)…Matthew and I had not spoken about the “event” all week so I just assumed we weren’t going. He had never been into these said influencer events anyway.

I came home from the spa class and Matthew was ALL ready to go – looking so handsome. I on the other hand was in workout clothes, top knot and face filled with products. We had a little breakfast and were watching The Morning Show series on TV (during this time I had called Matthew out for acting “weird”). Little did I know what he was actually up to…At about 215PM, Matthew said “we should probably turn off the show and plan to make it to this event by 3pm.” In my head, I was like “oh wait, we’re going to this thing? I’m pretty comfortable.” He said “I was kinda looking forward to this event – can we still go?” I THANKFULLY was in a go with the flow mood and started to get ready. I had barely made it into my closet before Matthew said “I’m calling an uber!” I was SO sassy because I was clearly not ready to leave but now I know WHY he was in such a rush to get there. Anyways, I got ready quickly and remember asking Matthew for outfit advice and just remember him saying “you look beautiful in everything you wear.” It was a moment that I remember fondly from that afternoon.

Matthew called the uber, we headed to Celeste and were greeted by a hostess that said “Are you here for the influencer outing?” I said “Yes! Sorry we’re late.” She then escorted us up 4 flights of stairs where we entered this garden oasis. Candles lit, plants everywhere and no one else in sight. In that moment, I STILL DID NOT KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING. I genuinely thought that no one else showed up for this event haha 😂

Moments after entering the room, Matthew said “Our song is on, will you dance with me?” The minute he said that, my whole body froze and I heard “To a T by Ryan Hurd” filling the room. We danced, I cried, and as soon as the song ended, “As long as you love me – Mike Duff” came on. I cried even harder asking Matthew what was happening. Throughout our entire relationship Matthew has always asked “What am I going to do with you?” in silly and big moments (like when he write told me he loved me) “What am I going to do? I’m going to love you as hard as I can.” So he looked at me, grabbed my hands, got down on one knee and simultaneously said “What am I going to do with you. I know what I’m going to do with you. Christine Anne Abramo, will you marry me. Forever?” I cried and cried and didn’t even recognize that he put a ring on my finger. I just vaguely remember saying “YES YES OF COURSE YES!”

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Moments later, Matthew’s brother Pete came out from behind the bar and has been snapping photos since the moment we walked in. He popped a bottle of champagne and we continued to dance for another 30 minutes. It was truly the most incredible day of my life (as of yet). In this moment, I knew that we both CHOSE each other, forever. I haven’t stopped smiling since <3

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