Christine and Logan

Image 1 of Christine and Logan

How We Met

Logan and I met our Junior year in high school. He was a football player…I was a cheerleader. The rest is history :)

how they asked

After 3 days of exploring Nashville (and 2 Kenny Chesney concerts), Logan’s family and I went out to dinner on our last night in the city to celebrate Logan’s dad’s birthday. After we wrapped up dinner, Logan and I decided to head to the next bar as the rest of the group was calling it a night. As we started walking towards the next place, Logan stopped and said he wanted to get a picture of the Nashville skyline, which meant we had to cross the Shelby St. Bridge. After whining about how cold it was [in my defense, it was 25 degrees in Nashville and I’m from Florida – I’m not used to the cold! :)], Logan finally convinced me to walk across the bridge…

When we got to the other side, we came upon a man playing his guitar and there was no one else around but us and this man. Now – at first I found this strange, but then I realized what city we were – Nashville! Who doesn’t play music in this city right?!. So – I went on to take pictures of the skyline until I heard the man begin to play our song from the movie Country Strong (this is when it started to hit me). I turned to ask Logan if he had requested that song, and when Logan turned me back around, there it was projected on the bridge…..”Christine, Will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Christine and Logan

Image 3 of Christine and Logan