Christine and Kyle

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How We Met

I grew up in Clifton Park, NY. Kyle grew up in Hegins, PA. But a combination of God and fate brought us together via our friends Zach and Austin.

Zach, Austin, and I all went to high school together and the two of them were (and are to this day) best friends. In 2010 we all graduated and went our separate ways to college. I went to Siena College, Austin went south to University of South Carolina, and Zach went to Penn State for civil engineering. It just so happened that my now fiancé, Kyle, also went to Penn State for civil engineering and in the fall of 2010 he and Zach moved into the same freshman hall and became best friends. Fast forward four years, in spring of 2014 we all graduate college and start jobs. Kyle had accepted a job with Whiting Turner and they placed him in Albany, NY starting after graduation in 2014. Zach stayed in PA and Austin and I moved home to Clifton Park, NY. NY is a big state…but it just so happens that Clifton Park and Albany are only 30 minutes apart.

Now, you’ll remember that Zach and Austin are best friends. So, Zach hooks Austin and Kyle up since they were living so close to each other and Kyle knew no one else. Austin, then invited myself and my close girl friends to go out one night and pre game at his friend Kyle’s house. Little did I know that was the night I’d meet my future husband…

how they asked

My favorite place in the whole world is Charleston, SC. Our anniversary is in March and for our anniversary in 2016 Kyle gave me plane tickets to go to Charleston together on Labor Day weekend which also happens to be my birthday weekend since my birthday is September 4. I immediately bawled when he gave me the tickets I was so blown away, happy, and excited.

Kyles company moved him back to PA in November of 2015 so we were 5 hours apart which we hated and I moved in August 2016. Our trip to Charleston was right after I moved to PA and I was pumped to be showing him my favorite place and celebrating my bday/the end of our LDR. I saved the big tourist attractions downtown for my birthday because my best friend of 20 years (who by random chance lives in Charleston now) was joining us for the day. We went to brunch and then walked through the city market, the battery, rainbow row, and last we went to the pineapple fountain.

When we got to the pineapple fountain he asked to take a picture together – It’s out of the ordinary for Kyle to initiate picture taking so it all started clicking for me then: I knew he’d been ring shopping, it was my birthday, we were in Charleston, and we’d just moved in together. We started taking pictures together (while I’m internally freaking out) and the next thing I know the love of my life is down on one knee asking me to marry him in my favorite city on earth, on my birthday.

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I immediately started bawling and did not stop crying or nodding or saying yes the entire time!!

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