Christine and Kevin

Image 1 of Christine and Kevin

How We Met

We went to the same church and same community college and met at one of our church events.

How They Asked

He was in the Japanese Garden (I love Japanese culture) and he was at the bridge. He walked me over to a seating area where our family was and sat me down. There was a box for me and when I opened it there was a card with a poem and a lock box where you need to use a combination of letters to open it. The poem was the hint and the password was his last name. When he opened the lock the ring was inside and he proposed. I felt so happy and speechless and I said yes of course. My family recorded and funny enough you can’t hear me say yes but you can hear my dad shout “no!” He was joking of course. Then we wore masks that said “I popped the question” and “I said yes” and we walked around the gardens and took many pictures together.