Christine and Julian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Leadenhall Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

How We Met

Once a upon a time… Just kidding!

Julian and I met in fall of 2009 in a 7am gym class our freshmen year of college. I signed up for a 7AM gym class thinking as a college student that I’d be up for that. And guess what? I was wrong, but this first bad decision ended up being the best decision I made. (Hint: I found the love of my life!) I remember on the first day of class, I was sitting in class paying attention to whatever the professor was saying, until half an hour into class my attention was taken away by this “tall, dark, and handsome” guy (yes, I literally said that in my head). I had no idea who he was but I knew he would be mine *wink*. Some weeks had gone by and there was required physical training performance test. I was sitting in the gymnasium, pretzel style, waiting for everyone to get their partners and I said in my head, “I’ll wait for the last person who doesn’t have a partner to be my partner”. As I was waiting and looking around, ‘that guy’ came over to me. He said, “What’s up? Want to be my gym partner?” I looked at him in complete shock and replied, “Me?!” He laughed and nodded. I could not believe that this guy asked me… yes, ME… to be his gym partner. What can I say? It was love at first sight …for me, haha. I can’t say he thought the same, but I did win him over :-). After a few weeks, we went on our first “date” to Baskin Robbins by campus and a couple of months later he (finally) poured out his heart to me and we made it official on November 4, 2009.. and the rest is history in the making!

how they asked

For our 7th year anniversary, November 4, 2016, we planned a local staycation in Virginia. My, now, fiancé told me that there was a church event happening at his church in Baltimore, MD (on our anniversary day!). We got dressed and got ready to go there. Oddly, we had to stop by Washington, DC to pick up his cousin and his cousin’s wife before getting there. When we arrived to the church all the lights were out and I started to question if there really was something happening. My fiancé started to play music on his speakers (he actually carries that thing around) and when we got inside the lights came on and everyone screamed “surprise!” I could not believe that all our family members and closest friends were all gathered in the room. I didn’t even know how to react; I just stood there waving at everyone. As he was getting ready to propose, all I could say was, “fix your jacket buttons” (that’s how nervous he was – he didn’t even align his button properly, lol). Julian got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said “YASSS”

Where to Propose in Leadenhall Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

We have now been together 8 years (November 4, 2017) and are so thrilled to announce our wedding date is less than a year away on November 3, 2018 – we wanted it to be on November 4 but we also wanted it to be a full night of celebration, so we went for the Saturday instead – in Annapolis, MD where it will be 9 years together and forever to go!

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