Christine and Jim

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How We Met

We met in October 2014 through mutual friends at an event in South Boston, MA (where we both lived after college). It was a Saturday afternoon and we hit it off right away. Our first date was the following Tuesday. He took me on his boat around Boston Harbor and then to dinner afterwards on the water in the city. After that, it was history. We both lived in South Boston about a mile away from one another until he asked me to move to London with him in the summer of 2016. He is in software and got a huge promotion upon relocation to the UK. I am a registered nurse so I can live and work anywhere essentially. After discussion, he decided that if we couldn’t make it work to move together that he would not go at all. Luckily, I made it work and we are happily living the London life for 18 months, traveling around Europe together.He is thriving at his job and I am a registered nurse working in the UK.

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how they asked

We got engaged on Saturday January 28th to my complete surprise. Earlier in the week, he had told me he made reservations at Gaucho, a very nice Argentinean steak house for 6pm for a date night. I still suspected nothing. I went to brunch with some girlfriends in the early afternoon and I returned to our flat to find Jim all dressed up ready to go. So at around 5:45pm we decided to head out. We live directly behind The Tower Bridge (beautiful, I know) so he said “Wow it has finally stopped raining I bet the bridge looks beautiful, lets go take a picture”. Clueless as I am, I agree and after a few selfies I begin to walk away towards the direction of the restaurant. He then said “Oh wait, these came out bad- let’s take one more”. So I agree and when I turned back around he said “Christine, I didn’t bring you here to take a picture, I brought you here to ask you to be my wife”.

He then got on one knee and presented me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I happily and joyfully accepted. It turns out that our reservation wasn’t until 8 so we would have time to call and FaceTime our families. Jim asked for permission to marry me from my mom and dad two days prior. I remained clueless and unsuspecting the entire time. My girlfriend Cristina and her sister came to visit two weeks prior to the engagement and it turns out that she brought the ring over for Jim and he had it held up in his LLBean Boot for almost 2 weeks! Talk about a great friend, she didn’t even tell her sister. Once we called our families and friends, we went to dinner to celebrate. The rest of the night was a dream and I don’t think I’ve woken up yet!