Christine and James

How We Met
Her side: It all began with a CraigsList post that read “Tall Skinny INDIE GUY for Cute GIRL – 24 (upper kirby).” We talked on the phone that night about music, connected on that level, and I knew he was legit.. so I ended up meeting him the next evening after class at the Gingerman in Rice Village on November 4, 2010. Ironically, neither of us are beer drinkers so we ordered two Ace Pear Ciders. We talked for hours that night and could already tell there was going to be something pretty extraordinary between us. Little did I know I had met my husband that sweet November night.

His side: I had always told myself I didn’t think I would find my soulmate in a bar or club, and my friend Nik finally convinced me to try my luck with some online searching. I didn’t like the idea of paying some ludicrous fees just to meet people through an online dating site, so I tried my luck with a CraigsList post in the personals.

A few days, and about 600 spam emails later, I started texting with Christine. We spoke on the phone, and decided after her class the next night that we would go on a little date to the Gingerman. I left my friend Nik at my apartment and headed off the next night. After about 4 or 5 hours of conversation, I was hooked. It was so refreshing to finally have met a girl with brains and beauty. She wasn’t insane, she wasn’t mean, she wasn’t vain… KEEPER!

I remember walking through my apartment door feeling so happy and excited for a second date, and I even dropped to my knees and told Nik jokingly, “I’m in love”… little did I know I was onto something!

The Marriage Proposal
His side: My take of the entire proposal was one of the most exciting time frames I’ve ever experienced. It even took me by surprise to some degree. I remember being at work one day, and being unable to think of anything but how much I loved Christine and how I just knew that if there were any one I could face this whole “life” thing with it would have to be her. I started sending her pictures of rings to get ideas of her taste, and that weekend we went and started “the hunt”. Little did she know that I was doing a lot of it to narrow down searches I had already been doing on my own. I had the ring Fedex’d in overnight from NYC, and then told myself I would wait for our six month anniversary. I remember even telling friends at work that was my plan, but sometimes you cannot overlook an opportune moment, and with our little weekend getaway coming up for fishing and relaxing, I saw no better chance, and so the game plan had to adapt.

I had pressed her to stay at home with her parents a couple of nights that week, using random excuses of being able to focus on her upcoming internship and being well prepared, and I spent my nights with a notebook in hand writing and reading countless trains of thought, seeking to find the words to encompass what my heart and mind felt for this woman. I ended up realizing that the keys had been in my hands the entire time, and looking back on the journey that helped me initially win her heart, I chose to use the daily song dedications as my story and proposal.

The day of the proposal I played it as cool as possible, but it would have to be the most nervous I have ever been, I knew my life was about to change for the better for good. I convinced her that we should take a walk on the beach and enjoy the evening after our dinner. I was not 100% certain of exactly how or when I would even ask, but I knew that the perfect opportunity would present itself, and I would know it when it happened. Just as I had expected, fate had the perfect plan laid out before us that evening, and so stopping for a brief sit at Pier 17, I sat and read my little story to my love, and proceeded to hit one knee, and swallowing all the butterflies, I asked one of the most important questions of my life. I bet you can’t guess what the answer was?!

Her side: I was completely clueless. I thought we were just taking a regular weekend trip to go fishing with his Dad the next morning. We spent the day on the Strand, had dinner on the Seawall, and went for a walk on the beach… had a lovely day together. We came across Pier 17 and sat on the rocks. It was our 5 month anniversary so he had written me something in a moleskin journal I had gotten him. He’s an amazing writer and had written me beautiful things before, especially, on special occasions such as this so I didn’t really think anything of it until he got down on one knee and pulled out that litle black box, I finally put it all together and heard him say those life changing words, “Christine Danielle Pegg, Will you marry me?”

We are a very musical couple and grew up listening to the same bands, going to the same shows, and knowing some of the same people… very small world! When we were first dating, he would always dedicate a song to me, expressing whatever he was feeling or what we were going through.. I ate this up. Anyways, in the proposal he incorporated nearly every single song title into his proposal.. it was amazing, creative, and perfect.
Alas, this emo girl met the emo boy of her dreams. He brought me back to my roots, I tell him all the time. I knew he was the one when we worked so well together on so many levels, our pasts, our present, our future. Talk about an emo kid romance. It was an amazing proposal — I was completely shocked and surprised. Both of our families were in on it and I had no idea whatsoever!

Photos by Corey’s Images