Christine and Greg

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How We Met

Greg & I met through mutual friends a couple of years before we began this journey. In the fall of 2017, we reconnected at a friend’s annual Halloween Party. A few weeks later, Greg asked me out on our first official date. Greg, being a gentleman from the start, showed up with a dozen roses and a bottle of wine! Then we headed to a trendy restaurant in Atlanta, Beetlecat. We ate lobster rolls (my favorite!) and chatted long into the evening. I remember being incredibly nervous before the date, thinking this could be the start of something amazing! Turns out…it was! <3

How They Asked


Greg and I had planned to vacation in Charleston for my birthday in 2019. Unfortunately, a hurricane flooded downtown Charleston so we were forced to reschedule. With COVID and the pandemic affecting the majority of 2020 our plans to visit were delayed again. Finally, we were able to plan our much-needed getaway to Charleston for late October! Greg is the king of surprises. In our entire relationship, he has always gone above and beyond by planning date nights, surprising me with flowers, and remembering the little things.

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On Friday night, 10-23-20, Greg mentioned he had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. He wanted the location to be a surprise; which wasn’t abnormal! He mentioned heading down to the Battery & White Point Garden to walk by the water on our way to dinner. As we were walking through the beautiful trees and the sun was setting; Greg asked me to take a selfie. I was so excited! What a beautiful night! How could this trip get any better…

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As I turned around, he was getting down on one knee. Happy tears of shock and disbelief streamed down my face as I said the most romantic, beautiful word: YES! To make the moment even more dreamy Greg had hired a secret wedding photographer to capture the moment in private. It was the perfect way to capture such an intimate moment.

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But the night wasn’t over- Greg had scheduled a horse-drawn carriage ride through the cobblestone streets of historic Charleston on our way to dinner. As the sun was setting, it was the perfect time to reflect on what a magical moment! When we arrived at dinner, Greg had my favorite champagne and custom-made the menu “Congrats to Greg and Christine!” seated at our table.

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I still can’t believe this fairytale engagement is mine. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be a fiancee to this man! (Did I mention he designed the ring all on his own…)

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