Christine and Gerald


How We Met: It may sound a bit cheesy but we actually met on MySpace. I met his cousin in Las Vegas (where I was living at the time) in March 2007. We befriended each other on MySpace and a few months after, I get a friend request and message from Gerald. It started off as just a mutual friendship as we were both in other relationships at the time and within that year, I actually ended up moving back to my hometown of Washington, DC for a bit. We still kept in touch through social media but nothing at all came of it until I moved back to Vegas in February of 2008. I remembered that Gerald mentioned he was going to be in Vegas with some friends the following month so we made plans to finally meet in person. The picture was taken that first night in Vegas when we finally were able to hang out for the first time (coincidentally, we were also both single). Gerald will tell you that he knew I was the one just after that first night. It took me a little longer to warm up to the idea of a long distance relationship (with him being in Seattle) but we talked every single day since that first night and we each took turns visiting each other. It was hard work but we definitely put in the effort and now, here we are..6 years later with 2 beautiful sons and ENGAGED!!! I guess you can say it definitely worked out for the better.

how they asked: Little did I know, he was planning the proposal for MONTHS! I only discovered after that he made it a point to call my dad, brother, and all of my family in Las Vegas to let them know he was planning to propose to me and they helped him in such a big way. My sister and dad were visiting us in Seattle that weekend and we were planning on doing all the touristy things on that Saturday. Gerald wanted to get the day started early so we headed to Queen Anne Viewpoint at Kerry Park at around 10am. This place is known for the best view of the Seattle skyline. I’ve been there a few times before but it was my dad’s first time in Seattle, so we had to take him there. There is an actual park playground at the bottom of the hill that the viewpoint sits but I’ve never actually been to that part so I was surprised when I realized we were parked right in front of it. Gerald opens the door for me and tells me “you know that I would do anything for you, right?” A little confused, I replied yes then he took my hand and led me a few steps ahead and I saw his brother-in-law Richmond with his video camera in hand waiting for us. We rounded the corner and I saw Gerald’s two best friends standing and holding roses at the bottom of what looked like never-ending steps to the top of the view point. That’s when I knew. With each few steps up, another close friend or family member (who surprised me from Vegas) was holding a rose, waiting for me to approach them. By now, the makeup I spent so much time applying earlier that morning was slowly washing off from all the happy tears flowing down my face. When I reached the top of the stairs, Gerald handed me a huge bouquet of roses and even more friends behind him waiting for me. He took me to an empty spot of the hill with the Seattle skyline in perfect view and said “I want to let you know that I’m going to care of you for the rest of our lives.” He dropped down to one knee and asked, “Christine Ann Ibanez, will you marry me?” YES! YES! YESSSS!!!!!


It was such an overwhelming and magical feeling to have shared this moment with so many of my friends and family. To see the lengths Gerald went through to pull this off and to get so many of my family to come from Vegas for this moment….I felt completely blessed and undeserving that this man went through all of this for me. It was amazing and I cannot wait to marry this man!!!