Christine and Eugene

Image 1 of Christine and EugeneHow We Met: From the first day I bet Christine I knew she was the woman that I wanted in my life, for the rest of my life. I was excited to begin our journey together and after many years together I realised there was no better time than now to propose. I had planned a surprise trip to Paris – the city of love and I wanted more than anything to make this trip extra special for Christine by getting down on one knee.

Being from Malaysia to plan this proposal would have been a massive task. I enlisted the help of proposal planners, The Proposers, who worked with me to create a moment both Christine and I will never ever forget.

I didn’t know of many places to propose and I didn’t know how I wanted to go about it, all I knew is that it had to be the week we were in Paris and it had to be super special. My proposal planners assured me that they knew an amazing location, and they did not disappoint. Image 2 of Christine and Eugene

My girlfriend’s favourite film is the French film Amelie. We had it planned that a scene from the film would be recreated and Christine and I would walk along the Embankment in Paris following ‘Amelie’ signs, leading us to the incredible Lovers Lock Bridge.

This bridge is where couples from around the world come to attach a padlock to the bridge with engraved initials, hearts, dates: inscriptions of love. Once the padlock is attached, the couple then throw the key into the river, never to be found; the lock symbolic of love, never to be opened.

It had been arranged that when we got to the bridge, a real Parisian singer and guitarist wouldImage 3 of Christine and Eugeneserenade us with our favourite song ‘Over the Rainbow’. We stood on the bridge, with stunning views of Notre Dame listening to this gorgeous music being performed and I knew this couldn’t have gone any better.

The Proposers then came over to Christine with a gorgeous handmade photobook, full of memories of our life together. The only thing missing was the final page of this book, and as if by magic, Christine was handed an envelope. She opened it to find a photograph of me on one knee, which gave me the perfect opportunity to ask for Christine’s hand in marriage.

Christine was so surprised, I’m so happy I managed to pull off this amazing proposal and make Christine’s dreams come true. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing help of The Proposers, so girls, thank you, thank you, thank you, your help was invaluable.

Eugene & Christine’s proposal was arranged by the UK and European Proposal Planners, The Proposers