Christine and Errol

How We Met

Errol and I met at a mutual friends house in 2006. I was off to college and he was joining the Navy, so our paths didn’t cross again aside from random Facebook ‘likes’ and comments. In 2010, I was in graduate school and Errol happened to be home on leave visiting my school with his best friend. After a fun weekend together we began casually texting as friends. We were both fresh off of breakups, not interested in dating anyone and living clear across the country from one another (Errol in California and myself in Virginia). To make matters worse Errol had a pending deployment to Afghanistan. After months of texting, Errol invited me to California to visit before his deployment and the rest is history. We made it official right before he went off to Afghanistan and upon his return to moved to Virginia to be with me. 2 years later we moved back to California together. We’ve now been together for nearly 9 years!

how they asked

We were celebrating my 30th birthday with friends over brunch a week early because I was having a heart procedure 2 days later. After brunch Errol requested we take the group pic (of over 10 of us) down by the beach instead of the restaurant. We were all reluctant because it was an unusually gloomy morning but we all agreed and headed to the beach across the street.

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We took the group shot and then stood around chatting. I noticed Errol had rolled his pants up and was looking in the water and eventually called me over saying “Christine I found an entire clam shell!” I thought it was strange so I head over to look. I am a beach fanatic and Errol was in the Navy so we have a running joke about a “sailor finding his mermaid”. So when he opened that clam he secured this mermaid for life because I saw a gorgeous ring and he dropped to one knee surprising myself, ALL our friends and the entire beach!

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Special Thanks

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