Christine and David's Romantic Beach Proposal

Romantic Beach ProposalHow we met: FedEx delivers Soul Mate- On my first day at a brand new job in the city, David walked in to deliver a package to a neighboring business. There was something so magnetic and intriguing, when he walked into a room his presence was known. Yes, his dashing good looks were apparent, but there was something deep within that shined through his golden eyes. Not a day went by that we didn’t stop to chat with one another, sharing stories of family friends and interests. Co-workers began to notice, people began to talk before we ever knew the possibilities that could blossom between us. One date was all it took, and we knew we would never be apart.

how they asked: Late Friday night as I prepared for an early job, I saw an old card I had yet to use from Valentine’s Day and thought about leaving a little surprise for him. I internally squealed with excitement! The front of the card read “I love that you are my Husband” in gold writing on a dark navy blue background. Inside I wrote, “I love you babe, here’s a little something for someone who always takes care of others.” with a crispy one hundred dollar bill.

It was a long Saturday that began early with wedding hair and makeup. I had to admit, as happy as I was to be a part of someone else’s big day I was ready for my own. Dreaming of the possibilities as I rushed home and realized I had not left the card for him! I called him to let him know there was a surprise waiting for him and where to find it. Upon my arrival I discovered an empty apartment, odd. We were supposed to be on our way to the family reunion by now, where could he have gone?

“Your mom’s house, what for? The X-Box charger.? Ok, see you soon.”
I never thought to ask why.

David arrived, and as we prepared for the party, he expressed his excitement about the card and how we should go out later to celebrate! Who could turn an offer like that down, of course I agreed!

At the party we floated about as I tried to put face to name of the relatives present, with little success. As the sun dipped lower in the sky he grew more and more impatient to leave. Assuming it was excitement for the evening’s celebration, I fought not and opted for an early and quiet exit. Back to the apartment for a quick costume change and it was off to the beach!

San Pedro, the last time we had been there was about a year ago to visit the Korean Friendship Bell and watch the sunset. We never let go of each other that day. As we made our way to the coast, the memories we shared there replayed in my mind as an old film reel, a grainy, sepia world. Before I knew it we were there, parked and set to walk out and enjoy the sunset! I kicked off my shoes, put on my sandals and we headed for the edge of the water. He paused for the restroom, and back to the car for the hand sanitizer. Odd, but I know how he is about that stuff, so I enjoyed the breeze, the view and the wildlife in action. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of sea air, thankful to enjoy the day with someone I loved so dearly. Once he returned, took my hand and off we went around the corner base of the cliff to a beautiful open view of the sunset! So breathtaking and wonderful, I couldn’t believe the colors in the sky were there just for us! David held me so close, as if he would never let go – he held me like that often. I squeezed him tighter, my silent ‘I love you’.

“I love you so much.” He said, into my ear.
“I love you too sweet love.” I said, feeling his heart connect with mine. It skipped a beat, then he said,”No one has ever made me feel the way you do.”

Romantic Beach Proposal

“Oh baby, I love you so much!” I held him tighter. At that moment he took my left hand and moved it down to his back pocket, a box. My heart stopped, something is happening!

“Babe, do you know what that is?” He asked. I just stared at him unable to speak.

He got down on one knee and all I could do was cry! Is this really happening?! The tears that poured from my eyes were all of the doubts and fears I have ever had about being loved unconditionally by another human being. In that moment, the impossible became possible and my heart released all it had held, leaving only room for our love to continue to grow.

Romantic Beach Proposal

Beach Proposal Photos and IDeas

Beach Proposal Photos

When he revealed that receiving the card that morning is what led to all of this, I couldn’t help but feel as if I were in a fairytale. A turn of events too good to be true! I wonder, how could it have been that something so small could be a perfect precursor to the evening’s union? Was it fate the had woven our lives together? As we looked upon the horizon, all possibilities lay before us of creating a world together.


Photography and Videography by The Adventures of Us