Christine and David's Police Proposal

How We Met

David and I met at Sonic Drive-In, where we both worked during high school. He said “the moment you walked in those doors I had to know who you were.”

how they asked

It was the evening of my 21st birthday, David and I were driving towards the college I attend because that is where he said my gift was. He said, “we have to take my truck so it will fit in the back.” So, less than a mile from our destination, I point out a cop car on the side of the road. David has a bit of a talent for acquiring speeding tickets so being pulled was not out of the ordinary for us. However, I knew he wasn’t speeding. We continue on our way and realize the cop is following us along with a second cop! I start to worry because that’s the last thing we need is another ticket to pay. We get the Keeter Center (the restaurant by my college) and we see the dreaded flashing lights. We pull into the restaurant right by the front doors. I complained and said, “you had to park right in front, everyone will see, why couldn’t you park in the back.” Little did I know! The cop goes to the window and asks if we knew why he pulled us over. He said, “you were going a little fast up that last hill.” He asked for both our license’s and returns to the cop car. I am getting even more worried and hoping that this isn’t going to ruin my birthday plans. He comes back to the truck and asks David to step out of the vehicle. He brings David to the back of the truck and all I hear is the cop saying “here is what’s going to happen.”

After a few minutes, the other cop knocks on my window. I open the door and he says, “here is the situation, your boyfriend has a warrant out for his arrest and we are going to have to take him in for the night.” Shocked, I say, “why does he have a warrant?” The cop says, “he has a previous speeding ticket that he has not payed and did not go to court for. David has something he wants to say to you before we take him.” So I go around to the back of the truck and David is “handcuffed”. I am so disappointed because we wouldn’t be able to go out to dinner celebrate my birthday together.

The cop says, “David make it quick and don’t do anything stupid.” So I look at David in the eye and he tells me that I will have to drive his truck back for him. Then before I knew it David got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! At that moment I hear a camera snapping pictures and I look up at the cops and the photographer and start to realize what is happening. I said to David, “are you kidding me?!” He didn’t say anything and I realize he was not joking! I quickly said “Oh YES!” We hugged and I accidentally said “I hate you” (not meaning it at all of course). David said, “we had to take my truck to haul that huge smile that you are wearing.” <3

I was relieved that he wasn’t actually getting another ticket, and couldn’t believe how well the cops had improvised and played along. I also couldn’t believe that the moment I had been waiting for (for almost 3 years) had finally come! I finally get to marry the love of my life! We knew that we wanted to be together forever, so he knew that he would have to catch me off guard in order to surprise me and not realize what was happening. He succeeded, I had no clue!

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