Christine and Darien

Christine and Darien's Engagement in Savannah, GA

How We Met

Once upon a time, in two distant lands, there lived two kindred souls, whose paths were on a trajectory leading to a life-altering experience like none other. Our story begins on June 6, 2012, in Knoxville, TX, at the CDF Freedom Schools National Training. Darien and Christine, were two young professionals, led by their deep desire to positively impact the lives of children, to answer the call of Dr. Marian Wright Edelman and many other children’s rights activist. A simple selfless decision that would lead them to an exceptionally overwhelming atmosphere, filled with empowering motivation, diverse talents, emotional conversations and genuine love. Out of thousands of individuals, young Darien would be captivated by one: Christine Williams. However, mere captivation would have to be accompanied by consistent communication and devoted determination.

how they asked

March 29th is Darien’s birthday, therefore I was planning an array of surprises for him but had no clue that he was about to surprise me as well! As soon as I arrived into town, he kept expressing to me that he had agreed to take his friend, who he lived with at the time, down to Savannah, GA to get initiated into a fraternal order. Keep in mind that they lived in Charleston, SC at the time so it was around a 2 hour drive. Excited for his friend, I asked what time he had to drive him down to which he responded they would have to leave at 4 a.m. to get him there on time. Being the sleepy-head that I am, I asked if I needed to go with him or was it possible for me to sleep in. He responded with “I need you for the drive, you know you’re the only person who can keep me up.” Feeling “mushy” after his words, I agreed to go along for the ride. On April 1, 2017, we awoke (slightly later than planned) to travel down to Savannah to drop off his friend. Once his friend was in the fraternal hall, Darien said that he wanted to just walk around downtown Savannah and wait for his friend to be finished. Keep in mind that by this point it is 7 a.m. so the only thing on my mind is finding the nearest place to grab breakfast. But of course Darien had another plan. He popped his trunk, took out his guitar and lead me down to the river. While walking down to the water we saw his friend on the phone and I immediately think that he was kicked out due to our tardiness but Darien insisted that he was okay and for us to keep walking. Upon arriving to our destination (the tree by the river where his mother’s ashes are spread) he took out his guitar and started playing our song “Wake me up” by Aviicii. After playing it once, he told me that he was getting his pick to make it sound better and when he came out of his bag he was on one knee with the ring! There was no fraternal order initiation…his friend was there recording the entire event.

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