Christine and Dan

How We Met

Dan and I met freshman year of college in NJ, where we are both from. We had chatted a bit prior to Accepted Students Day in April of 2009 and discovered we were both going to be from majors and student-athletes (that major didn’t last long for either of us). On Accepted Students Day, we were picking classes at the time. Dan came over to me and asked what language course I was taking – I told him I was taking Italian since I had taken it throughout middle school and high school. Dan quickly responded with “oh yeah me too!!”. I later came to learn that he had actually run back to his computer, removed himself out of the Spanish course, and signed up for the same Italian class that I did. (Sneaky, sneaky!!). By some twist of fate, he ended up living a floor above me out of 20 floors. (I do believe he first asked me out via text – I wouldn’t say ‘yes’ unless he asked me in person.) We have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

This October, he was asked to go to Paris for work. Obviously, I wanted to tag along – even if it meant meandering around as a solo tourist for the entire week (which I did without issue because hello?! Paris?!) We took a red-eye flight out of NY and landed at 6:45 Paris time. I don’t sleep on planes or in cars so obviously I was exhausted.

Throughout the day, Dan kept saying how I “had to stay up because it’s our only full day together”, how he wanted to go to The Louvre when it got dark, and how I wasn’t allowed to go to bed yet – no exceptions! I didn’t think much of it because it’s absolutely beautiful at night and I wanted to see it at that time as well!