Christine and Chris

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How We Met

I met him about nine years ago when we were attending the same class at the University of Melbourne. I did not have a good impression of him as we were from 2 different areas in our own country. However, somehow, we were assigned to the same group assignment and from there, we became friends. We have a group of Vietnamese students that we always helped each other in study and any other aspects. And again, it was a coincidence that we happened to have a part-time job at the same place. Starting from there, we have been best friends for 4 years, and one day, on my birthday, he confessed his love to me and we became a couple since then.

How They Asked

We have been together as a couple for like 5 years and both families know about it. I believe in our relationship and I never ask him about what will we do in the future. We both have our own dreams and during the whole time, we just supported each other in all ways. We spent time together when we have time off and seek others’ opinions if we need to decide something important. I have our goal to achieve before we are turning 30th, therefore, most of the time we focused on our work and career.

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From the year before, he kept asking me to plan a Sydney trip together and I was ok with that. We planned everything and Covid happened, we had to cancel our trip at that time. After that, he asked me again to go to Sydney and I did everything again. Unfortunately, before our trip, Sydney got into another outbreak and the border closed again, we then had to cancel it again. It made me feel bad as keep canceling.

One last time, he asked me to go there again and I was curious why did he keep asking to go to Sydney but not somewhere else. He said he would like to go to Sydney for just a few days to relax and shopping. Therefore, I was no wonder and planned for it again. He said he would like to take me to the Opera House to take some photos in Sydney with our friend and will have dinner around there. I was totally surprised when he took me to the place of the proposal, I thought I belonged to someone else and tried to look around to find the couple. I was shaking and did not know what to say when he took me inside the place. Lovely proposal and I appreciate what he planned to give me a surprise there.

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